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Bloomberg blackout on Zucotti Park invasion: Press, residents, CBS helicopter grounded by police

Move along, people, move along. There's nothing to see here.

The media blackout is standard tactics. New York Observer:

But residents?! WTF?! I doubt this will work with New Yorkers:

This won't help Bloomberg a bit. And there's no love lost between him and the majority of New Yorkers. Of course, that won't stand in the way of his Presidential run on the Unity ticket (coded trial balloon here in WaPo).

UPDATE Guardian:

Another interesting tweet on the efforts police seemingly went to in order to limit media coverage, from Scott Kidder of the Gawker website:

CBS News NY News Desk tells me their helicopter was forced down by NYPD -- they had to go down for fuel but weren't allowed back up. #ows

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