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Even if it doesn't leave its players -- so many of whom go into finance -- with brain damage, soccer still has its charms. Read below the fold...

In the garden: Happy cukes seeking the sun

I like my system of cheesy trellises, because I can stick a bamboo U-hoop in the ground where the cukes want to go, instead of where I think they want to go. Then I tie the vines to the U-hoops with green string to keep the cukes off the ground and make the flowers more visible to pollinators. Soon, I'm going to make cheesy hoop house! Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

$ New Military Jet=$600,000 Home For EVERY U.S. Homeless Person


Robbie Couch in an article on HuffPo recently asserted:

The $400 billion program to create a fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets, which, as The Hill points out, is seven years behind schedule and chronically plagued with misfortunes and incompetencies, could have housed every homeless person in the U.S. with a $600,000 home.

Read below the fold...

Common household remedies request

Goddamn deer, right across the street, bold as brass. Just one, fortunately! Pests.

In the absence of a potato cannon, black monofilament? Read below the fold...

Aroma messaging and the body politic

IndieGogo project:

The oPhone is a revolutionary device that, in combination with our free iPhone app “oSnap”, allows you to send and receive electronic aroma messages. Think of it as a kind of telephone for aromas. With the oPhone, you can now bring complex scent texting into your mobile messaging life, and share sensory experience with anyone, anywhere.

I hate to think what's gonna happen when they bring this to DC! Read below the fold...

In the garden: Sea of green

Next time I worry out loud that I've killed off the raspberries, please slap me. Or at least remind me I worry too much.

One the nice things this year is that so far, the Japanese beetles have been minimal (more worries, but I forget when they peak). If they remain minimal, I'll attribute that to my clever planting and muiching strategies, which mean the "white grubs" either can't burrow into the lawn, which I abolished, or can't escape out of from the raspberry patch, which I sheetmulched, and the Town helpfully covered with a layer of sand in the winter.

On another note: Read below the fold...

My favorite Ramones song: "I wanna be sedated"

There's a chord change! (And now I'm seeing "wanna" in putatively professionally copy edited material, as at WaPo.) Here's the Ramones' first press release: Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

Only putting the banksters in jail can restore trust in government

David Dayen in (sigh) The Fiscal Times shows why:

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which oversees mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, wants to help around 676,000 homeowners it has identified as eligible for refinancing under the government’s Home Affordable Refinancing Program (HARP).

These homeowners currently hold mortgages with interest rates that are at least 1.5 percent above the current market rate, and would save roughly $200 a month if they used HARP to refinance.

Any money homeowners save from smaller mortgage payments could be spent on other needs, providing a modest stimulus to the economy.

But these remaining homeowners appear to have no interest in the program, and [FHF head Mel Watt] explained why in Chicago. “We have written to them. We have called them, and they're saying this is too good to be true,” he said.

And why? Read below the fold...

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Populist, Anti Fed Movement Up 23% in less than 1 month - "If you want to change something ... you have to go on the streets"


Luke Rudkowki of interviews Lars Maehrholz, whose populist, anti-Fed movement is still growing rapidly. See Game Changing Major End The Fed Rally Planned in Europe Read below the fold...

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Sliding towards an entirely foreseeable and preventable tragedy

Militias move forward on Texas border, leader's background emerges

The militia groups has set up a "command post" in Von Ormy, about 20 miles south of downtown San Antonio, Davis told KRGV on Tuesday. Von Ormy Mayor Art Martinez de Vara did not immediately return a request for comment.

Read below the fold...

In the garden: Alas, poor borage

Here's the one result of my interplanting experiment yesterday: In the squash bed, bee balm, tansey, and very unhappy borage.

Read below the fold...

'People's Journey': Witnesses To War Say Give Peace A Chance

RE-POST from correntewire 6-22-10

The NYC chapter of The World Can't Wait peace organization emailed me about an event in NYC Friday night [6-18-10] up at St. Mary's Church on W. 126th Street. I skimmed the message. The People's Journey, a touring group of representatives of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, along with two Iraq War vets, advocating peace. They were conducting forums in 22 major U.S. cities between June 1- July 4. Read below the fold...


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