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Grexit: Exchanges on the IT Problem Continue


I've already been over Louis Proyect's critical analysis of the chapter on the IT software problem in my new e-book. But in the comments on Proyect's post a significant dialogue occurred between two commenters at NC: Ben Johannson and Clive. Here I analyze and comment on that exchange. Read more about Grexit: Exchanges on the IT Problem Continue

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Gov. Jerry Brown on Clinton Official Email - Mystique, Utterances and Dark Energy, Oh My!

Gov. Jerry Brown reached deep into his little bag of oratory to speak out in defense of pal-Hillary against the darkening and expanding scandal with her privately diverted and destroyed State Department emails. He came up with CrazyPants. Hillary might be wishing he had just kept quiet.

From the L.A. Times. Jerry thinks the "controversy" (LA Time so polite) is:

almost like a vampire ... [and HRC needs to] find a stake and put it right through the heart."

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Patrick Murphy enabled the Benghazi witch hunt

Alan Grayson smacks Patrick Murphy over Benghazi

"Patrick Murphy voted to give the Tea Party Republicans who run the House of Representatives the power to subpoena Hillary Clinton's records, hold hearings and conduct a political witch hunt that will last through the presidential election," Grayson said in a statement. "I would like to know if Patrick Murphy is happy with what he has done, or if he now regrets that vote."

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On the IT Problem of Grexit: A Reply


I'd like to start by thanking Louis Proyect for commenting on at least part of my new e-book Austerity, Greece’s Debt Crisis and the Theft of Democracy namely the chapter entitled “The Information Technology Problem.” His opening paragraph begins by including an aside calling Professor William Mitchell's Read more about On the IT Problem of Grexit: A Reply

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Trump's calvin ball


Donald Trump: The 14th Amendment Is Unconstitutional
Essentially Trump is saying I am a big rich man and the law means whatever I say it means. It is time to stop laughing and consider the possibility that this fascist could actually win. He has gone on record as saying that he will set mobs on anyone who heckles his campaign. He is a would be Mussolini. So many thought that Mussolini was a joke until the laughter stopped. Read more about Trump's calvin ball

Washington, DC trip report

Last week I went down to Washington, D.C. to deliver a paper at a conference in the technical field where I worked, ten years or so and two or three careers ago, before the trash. The trip was solely an exercise in merit-making, since I doubt very much I'll get work in the field, but reconnecting with old friends was really great -- even if some of them did not recognize the older, greyer, and heavier me, nor I the (ditto) them -- and I got to have dinner with DCBlogger and letsgetitdone. Here are a few random reactions. Read more about Washington, DC trip report

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Trump: gimme the nomination or else

That is essentially what his threat to run as an independent means. Gimme the nomination or I will arrange that no Republican can win.

All the regular rules do not apply. Read more about Trump: gimme the nomination or else

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UPDATE: GOOD MAGAZINE Has Video UP -- RAW has Leaked Video of #BLM-Boston Meeting with Hillary Clinton

UPDATE. Good Magazine has the HRClinton - BLM-Boston Video - officially ....

I found this at RAW, where it was supposedly available August 15th.

Link to the RAW page. Video is broken up into 2 or 3 youtube segments.

I have not watched it yet but plan to shortly. Read more about UPDATE: GOOD MAGAZINE Has Video UP -- RAW has Leaked Video of #BLM-Boston Meeting with Hillary Clinton

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Stasi HR


The modern work environment was already becoming more than a bit Orwellian, with employees being electronically spied on by their bosses to ensure productivity, but now the corporate push for total information awareness of workers is hitting new levels of creepiness.

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Scientist who went around proclaiming 27,000 species go extinct every year, can't/won't name a single one

To paraphrase Fox news, "Some scientists SAY that 25,000 - 50,000 species go extinct every year"

Consider: E.O. Wilson is an honorary board member of the Suzuki Foundation, who has claimed 27,000 species go extinct every year. Humorously (IMO), Wilson claims

"A good proxy for the rate of extinction is the rate of growth in energy used by the human population. In other words, extinction rates are increasing in step with the product of population growth times the growth in affluence." Read more about Scientist who went around proclaiming 27,000 species go extinct every year, can't/won't name a single one

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UPDATED - #BlackLivesMatter Video of "Conversation" with Hillary Clinton Vaporized?

As of 50 minutes ago, per Tweeting by BlackLivesMatterBOS this supposed video will be shown live on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight. I don't watch TV, nor do I follow or listen to Maddow. But hopefully whatever is being released will soon be available on YouTube. This is all a bit precious, staged and MSM-friendly for a video made by a supposedly in-your-face "organic" activist group. Read more about UPDATED - #BlackLivesMatter Video of "Conversation" with Hillary Clinton Vaporized?

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Austerity, Greece’s Debt Crisis, and the Death of Democracy: A Book about Greece and Much More

The Eurozone is an instrument of the globalization process that is setting financial elites over all nations of the world, including the democracies. The situation in Greece exposes the true nature of the Eurozone institutions as a naked fact, beyond spinning, for all to see. They are popular sovereignty-thieves and democracy-killers, with the power necessary to shut democratic governments down. Read more about Austerity, Greece’s Debt Crisis, and the Death of Democracy: A Book about Greece and Much More

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Versailles is oblivious

Bernie Sanders, an Outlier? The Senator Begs to Differ

For all his newfound attention, Mr. Sanders is still regarded by his Senate colleagues as a peripheral figure whose surging presidential campaign is more of an endearing curio than a cause for reassessment.

One of the qualities of a revolution is that the ancien regime never sees it coming. Read more about Versailles is oblivious

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Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter: ‘I have cancer’

I was an early supporter of Jimmy Carter and campaigned for him in the 1976 NH primary. I remain a huge fan. I don't dispute Joe Firestone's criticisms of him, Jimmy thought that being president was like being governor except with a foreign policy and a military. He did not understand fiat currencies.

Let me list all the reason I think he was a great president. Read more about Jimmy Carter


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