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Site upgrade bluegrass


To try out the new site's posting apparatus, here is some more Bluegrass.  First off some classic Bluegrass care of Jimmy Martin:

Next up some some recent bluegrass from Sierra Hull once more. The instrumentation is pretty sparse, without a full band, but I rather like these stripped-down performances. Read more about Site upgrade bluegrass

Bluegrass for the soul


Since I just came across them over the last week, I thought I'd highlight a couple of former child prodigies (adult prodigies now?) on the bluegrass scene. I don't keep up with contemporary music, especially not the autotuned and overcompressed current pop music. So I was delighted to find out about these two.

First up is Sierra Hull. She's insanely good with the mandolin. You can find some videos on youtube of her when she was 11 playing with folks like Sam Bush and Alison Krauss. Nowadays she's also singing and writing songs. The video below is of an instrumental bluegrass composition of hers, which to me sounds like an instant classic. But her singing is also not to be missed. Read more about Bluegrass for the soul

Arguing over Israel

I'm Israeli, though I haven't been there since I was a kid. As a result, I've been in my share of arguments about the Israeli-Arab conflict. In fact, I've argued on both sides, as my views on the subject have changed over the years. Another topic on which my views have changed is arguing itself. Nowadays, I prefer to avoid arguments of any sort, though at times I can't help myself. Read more about Arguing over Israel

Election eve petidote

In honor of tomorrow's election, a very special petidote. Presenting a representative of the guaranteed winners:

A bona fide fatcat.


fatcat Read more about Election eve petidote

Stein-Johnson debate

Well, I guess my brain is pretty defective. Not only did I not realize for the longest time that 'Gary Johnson' and 'Rocky Anderson' are two different names (hey, they both end in 'son', right?), but earlier this week when I looked to see who had won the run-off vote at Free and Equal I thought it was Stein and Anderson (even though I expected it would be Stein and Johnson and that's what it actually was).

Still, I think the debate will be telling. Read more about Stein-Johnson debate

Arachnidote Sunday, Oct. 28

Another non-insect today. This is a moderately scary-looking creature, so I'm sticking the picture below the fold. Read more about Arachnidote Sunday, Oct. 28

Alternatives to capitalism

Well, many of us are against capitalism. Some are not entirely completely against it, but rather want to reform it, limit it, whatever. But it's often asked of those who are against capitalism whether there is a viable alternative. After all, the Soviet Union collapsed, right?

Of course, those who consider themselves socialists can attempt to set the record straight as to what socialism is about. But that's not what this post is going to be about. Read more about Alternatives to capitalism



Not a regular feature, but too good to be passed over: a gallery of beautiful electron microscopy images.

As a sample, a picture of cypress pollen:

Read more about Microscopidote

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