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I guess I missed something

Did this place go Heaven's Gate when I wasn't looking? Wow! A veritable ghost town... Read more about I guess I missed something

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Last of Nixon's tapes posted online

Hat tip to the New York Times, the Nixon Library website has posted the Fifth Chronological Conversation Tape Release:

While the conversations document the entire scope of issues in which the Nixon White House engaged in early 1973, these conversations particularly concern the peace settlement ending United States involvement in the Vietnam War and the return of American prisoners of war from Southeast Asia. Other major topics include Native Americans, the international monetary situation, events in the Middle East, the President’s domestic agenda, Most Favored Nations (MFN) status for the Soviet Union, the diplomacy around the Agreement on the Prevention of Nuclear War, and energy and broadcasting policy.

The joy of secret recordings in all its glory. Read more about Last of Nixon's tapes posted online

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It was 39 years ago today...

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