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Another example of how the tax code is structured to screw the working class hero


It used to be that a citizen consumer could deduct loan/credit interest charged(besides the home mortgage interest). Read more about Another example of how the tax code is structured to screw the working class hero

Austerity shown to be a sham

"An engineer, a chemist, and an economist are stranded on a deserted island.
They are starving, when miraculously they find a box filled with canned food.
What to do? They consider the problem, bringing their collective lifetimes of
study and discipline to the task.

Being the practical, straightforward sort, the engineer suggests that they
simply find a rock and hit the cans until they break open.
“No, no!” cry the chemist and economist, “we would spill too much food and the
birds would get it!” Read more about Austerity shown to be a sham

Electoral fraud from the other end

"Next time you hear that voting machines are reliable and safe "because they have been tested and certified," think of this important article, which reveals
proven corruption, payoffs and bid-rigging connected to Ciber, Inc., a firm that signed off on our voting machines. Ciber's okay was the foundation for federal
acceptance of voting machines all over the USA." Read more about Electoral fraud from the other end

Some people don't get sarcasm

Another argument against GMO's


"What happened in Darveshpura has divided scientists and is exciting governments and development experts. Tests on the soil show it is particularly rich in silicon but the reason for the "super yields" is entirely down to a method of growing crops called System of Root Intensification (SRI). Read more about Another argument against GMO's

Oh what a relief it is


That ,at least in Europe, there is someone to actually stop the merry go round that is government and lobbying. Too bad we don't have a similar functionary OR a media
that doesn't accept the bovine excrement that Congress critters need lobbyists to 'educate' them on complex subjects OR that such is some sort of 'free speech'(if it was 'free' why are these lobbyists so well paid?)
EU Commission probed by ombudsman over lobbyists Read more about Oh what a relief it is

If Iceland can do it, shouldn't others?

Fitch said Iceland's debts had been upgraded to BBB from junk after a strong recovery from the financial crisis.

Reykjavik's meteoric recovery comes after its 300,000 residents were told they would be locked out of the world's financial markets for decades after they refused to rescue a group of bankrupt banks in 2008.

Unlike Ireland, Portugal and Spain, the Icelandic government let the country's banks become insolvent rather than spend tens of billions of pounds on bailout funds.

The upcoming dog and pony debates

The next dog and pony is the Dem convention where the platitudes and non-specific proposals will fly fast and furiously across the tv, radio,net, and printed media.
And will change very few peoples perceptions.

And then, just to keep the commoners amused, that will be followed by what is called 'The Presidential Debates'. As someone who took a few course in argumentation, it truly pains me to have these scripted shows be called 'debates'.

AND, neither Dems nor Repubs will speak out about this:

Freedom does not equate to democracy


"Not long after the start of the 21st Century, we like to tell ourselves an uplifting story in which freedom expands whenever tyranny is overthrown.

We believe that freedom and democracy are inseparable, so that when a dictator is toppled the result is not only a more accountable type of government but also greater liberty throughout society. "

Obviously, such a point of view is fallacious as can be easily evidenced just by looking at the results of such a perspective in the actions of nations. And what's sad is that the meme is NOT one that those in positions of power actually believe. Read more about Freedom does not equate to democracy

I knew that ! And they're doing it again.

The headline reads: "Study: Pop music becoming louder and less original" ; I knew that ! In fact it is easily discernible for any fan of rock and roll. And that study also reflects an overall affectation of U.S. culture.
There really isn't much in the way of current lyricists that paint pictures like the older songwriters did. Or music that complements such lyrics. Read more about I knew that ! And they're doing it again.

Just what ARE 'American values'?

Based on what I perceive happening in industrialized society and in particular the U.S.
the psychological state of denial is fully rampant.

This article titled "America in denial: We're number 29 (of 30)" certaainly makes a case for such a state. Read more about Just what ARE 'American values'?

It's not who votes but who counts the votes and Ecuador

As the saying goes ""It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes.". And considering all the hoopla over Olympic apparel being made in China, it's incredible to me that there is simply no media coverage or outrage about the fact that the means by which elections are held in the U.S. is on systems made in countries other than the U.S. And that doesn't even take into account all the issues associated with electronic voting.
So to that end, publishing with permission: Read more about It's not who votes but who counts the votes and Ecuador

What's holding the so-called 'left' back?

With all the hoopla people have been subjected to ,including court cases, regarding Obama's birth certificate, why oh why aren't the klaxons sounding about Romney's likely inability to run for the Presidency?

"No one who has received amnesty for a serious crime, such as tax evasion, can be president. "

Yet, it cannot be told with any certainty that Romney did NOT receive amnesty for tax evasions.

Not until he releases all his returns going back to 2002. And his wife says that just isn't going to happen. Read more about What's holding the so-called 'left' back?


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