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Xmas Pity Party -- HellsPittle

A number (two to be precise) of people have noticed my complete absence from the intertubes for the past couple of weeks. There's a very good reason for that, but you better sit down, kids.

I died.

Of course, I was resuscitated, but the fact is that I was dead for about five minutes.

And it's almost entirely because of what passes for medicine in most of urban (and much of the rest of) America.

I'm going to try and post a narrative of my experience ovet the next couple of weeks as I get my strength back. Read more about Xmas Pity Party -- HellsPittle

In memoriam: Koa


Koa the wonder dog passed away peacefully at the vets office this morning. He was 11 years old. He'll be missed.

Koa Read more about In memoriam: Koa

Coakley/Brown: Voters abandoned Dems, did not switch to GOP

While the media is concentrating on the massive change in the percentage of Democratic vs Republican votes in the 2010 Massachusetts special election, the real significance lies in the fact that Republican voters turned out, and Democrats stayed home Read more about Coakley/Brown: Voters abandoned Dems, did not switch to GOP

Get Out Your Asbestos Umbrellas


Welcome to 2017

You know how the sky is supposed to open up and rain fire on us in 2017, when Social Security payroll tax receipts are less than what it costs to provide Social Security? Well get out your asbestos umbrellas folks, because according to the Obama budget (page 123), its happening this year.

According to the "outlays" section, Social Security will cost 662 billion in FY 2009 (which started October 1, 2008...we're five months into it.) And under "receipts", we see that "Social Security Payroll Taxes" come to only 654 billion. Read more about Get Out Your Asbestos Umbrellas

Saving Banks by Helping Consumers -- modifying credit card debt


There is a way to help failing banks and jump start the economy, that benefits average americans, rather that the 20% who control 90% of this nation's wealth. And its fairly easy to accomplish -- revamp the credit card industry. Read more about Saving Banks by Helping Consumers -- modifying credit card debt

Announcing my health care meeting...

well, I signed up to "moderate" a house party on health care. But with a twist -- its going to be a "pot luck" dinner as well.

And only Correntians (or those who are endorsed by correntians) will be invited.

Here is how I answered the survey questions

Date and Time of Event
Monday Dec 29, 6:30PM

Please describe your event
Potluck dinner with health care as the topic

What are the major areas you want to discuss?
Best way to fund health care for all


Despite all the celebrations, an examination of the data from key states tells us that voters tuned out this election, rather than turned out for it.

105 million voted in the presidential election in 2000
121 million voted in 2004

so far, with 95% of precincts reporting, only 112 million voted (extrapolate that to 100% and its only 117 million.)

here is data from 3 key states

	2000	        2004	        2008	2008 % counted
PA	4,912,185	5,765,764	5,390,910	97.95%
OH	4,705,457	5,627,908	5,012,434	95%
FL	5,956,243	7,609,810	8,005,681	99%

here are the voter registration statistics for those states

	2000 	        2004     	2008
PA	7,781,997	8,366,663	8,758,031
OH	7,531,555	7,972,826	8,164,823
FL	8,880,396	10,476,437	11,247,634 Read more about VOTERS TURNED OFF, NOT TURNED OUT

The Role of New Home Builders in the Housing Bubble

While there are many factors that explained the “housing bubble”, one culprit is the “new home” industry itself, which stopped building “affordable” homes..

· Nationally, in the first quarter of 2005, 31,000 new homes priced under $125,000 were sold. In the first quarter of 2006, that number had declined to 18,000 homes, and by fourth quarter 2007 that number was down to 8,000.

· The number of new homes sold in the $125k-$249,999 range declined from 34,000 in first quarter 2005 to 26,000 in first quarter 2006, declining to only 14,000 by fourth quarter 2007.

· And for the $150k-$199,999 range, sales fell from 66,000 in first quarter 2005 to 57,000 in first quarter 2006, before plummeting to 33,000 by fourth quarter 2007.

Pro-America America and "Real" Virginia


The Villagers are all aflutter because the McCain campaign and its surrogates are are talking about stuff like "the pro-America" parts of the country, and "real" parts of the state.

But you know what? Some areas of this country are a lot more patriotic than others. In some parts of the country, its tough to find a flag displayed on the Fourth of July and Memorial Day. In other places, flag display on "patriotic" holidays is the norm -- the places where you didn't wait until 9-11 to wear a flag pin. Read more about Pro-America America and "Real" Virginia

Paulson's gift to Wall Street

So, after figuring out that his original plan wasn't going to work, Hank Paulson has now decided to reward his Wall Street buddies with a "capital infusion" in nine big banks -- most of which are located in New York City, and all of which have large divisions or subsidiaries that act very much like "brokerage firms".

Not only does this reward bad behavior by the people responsible for this crisis, the likely consequences of this move are pretty horrible. Read more about Paulson's gift to Wall Street

Obama's biggest mistakes...

In the wake of Hillary Clinton's speech last night, there is a lot of talk about how not nominating Clinton for VP is "Obama's biggest mistake". That is simply not the case. Obama should not have "needed" Clinton as VP in the first place, and the fact that he does is a symptom of his actual 'biggest mistakes."

Obama's biggest mistakes, in order, were:

1) Not participating in further debates, and ignoring states like West Virginia and Kentucky. That wasn't just a missed opportunity to introduce himself to more voters, it was a signal to voters that they didn't matter to him. It also provided evidence to those doubtful of Obama that he lacks the personal characteristics that a President needs to govern in the face of pressure and adversity. Read more about Obama's biggest mistakes...

NYT Renders Black Women Politicians Invisible

The Sunday New York Times Magazine will have a big feature entitled Is Obama the End of Black Politics

Filled with reporter Matt Bai's Obamessiahanism, the piece is unreadable for all intents and purposes. But it is notable for one big reason -- Bai renders black female politicians invisible in his discussion of black politics.

Of the 15 African Americans whose names get a "link" from the Times, there is only one woman -- Michelle Obama. In addition to the "linked", there are other black political figures quoted or mentioned -- none of whom are women. Read more about NYT Renders Black Women Politicians Invisible

On Faux, and Genuine, "Feminist/Womanist Perspectives"

Two weeks ago, OpenLeft initiated an effort to “diversify its front page” by publishing a series of posts which it described as being on the topic feminist and womanist perspectives on Hillary Clinton's withdrawal from the race -- and why this matters to progressives. After an excellent start with a post by Melissa McEwan, the experiment has failed. Read more about On Faux, and Genuine, "Feminist/Womanist Perspectives"

The Devil you don't know...


Since VL's thinking in offering his endorsement of Barack Obama is apparently premised on a cliche ('the lesser of two evils'), allow me to suggest that there is another, even more apt, cliche available...

Better the Devil you know, than the Devil you don't know.

Does this constitute an endorsement of McCain -- no. McCain's record has been all over the place...he, like Hillary Clinton, has been running for President for the last eight years. Clinton, of course, spent the last eight years with her eye on November, because Democrats are supposed to be smarter than Republicans. McCain knew he had to go way right -- and "support the President" -- if he expected to win the GOP nomination. Read more about The Devil you don't know...

Documentary Proof of RBC's "Stop Hillary" corruption

The PROOF of RBC Fraud

A document included as an exhibit in the Nelson vs Dean Lawsuit that was filed in October 2007 in an attempt to force the DNC to seat the Florida delegation provides indisputable proof that the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee singled out Florida and Michigan for sanctions, and ignored violations of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

The document is a tentative list of state primaries and caucuses, and is dated September 13, 2007. The listing for Florida says (“P” designates a primary)

1/29/08 Florida P Date of state primary; date violates rules; Non-Complia


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