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Three questions about the 2008 campaign

[And leaving this sticky again because at 133 comments the topics have broadened. I guess it's time for me to start posting on the horse race again... --lambert]

[And leaving this sticky because now I've had time to go through the comments and make some responses. --lambert]

[Leaving this sticky to remind myself that I still have things to say. And it's interesting to imagine what future historians, if any, will think of the 2008 Democratic campaign. We'd better get our thoughts and memories on the record! I'd also note, for researchers like Cannon, that Corrente's archives are incomparable, and our faceted/filterable search function is excellent. It's also sad to me that many comrades in arms from that time have dispersed. It's natural, of course. --lambert]

Joe Cannon is writing a book "that will give a precis of the strangeness that hit blogworld in 2008." He asks the following questions, which I thought I'd open up for discussion:

1) Looking back, do you think that Obama mania was a genuinely spontaneous eruption, or do you think that the whole thing was engineered by manipulators who worked the blogs using personas?

Yes. (With the caveat that I think the key manipulators, at least the ones doing the manipulation, were perfectly open about it.)

2) Do you agree with my contention that blogs (not television) were the true drivers of the national conversation during that primary fight?


3) And what do you think was the shiftiest trick employed by the Obama forces against the Clinton forces?

Texas caucus fraud.

Readers? Read below the fold... opens at midnight on the day of the government shutdown and lambert finds a bug

[And if you have your own experiences to share, and especially screen dumps, please add them in comments or contact me. Either Federal Exchanges, or state exchanges. I'm especially interested in Covered California! Thank you! --lambert]

Nice timing. from Maine had a registration #FAIL at step 3. Here's the screen dump:

Read below the fold...

Whatever happened to the captain going down with the ship?

These days, the captain always escape! OK, OK, the Korean ferry disaster has conveniently usurped the MH370 disaster*, but nothing prevents us from pointing out the obvious moral of the story:

And the Korean captain's behavior isn't an isolated case; the Costa Concordia captain did just the same thing**. And then there's this: Read below the fold...

Break out the Victory Gin! Yellen says there'll be full employment by 2016!


Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Wednesday the economy was making "very meaningful progress", adding it was "quite plausible" it would be back to near full employment by the end of 2016.

Also, there will be growth in the spring: Read below the fold...

ObamaCare: ObamaCare's mental health coverage

One of ObamaCare's features not often touted is that mental health coverage is one of the essential benefits. Unfortunately, mental health coverage has all of ObamaCare's other coverage problem, except moreso. About the benefits:

Long-awaited improvements in insurance coverage for mental conditions and addictions are expected to become more widely available this year as a result of two major steps that the Obama administration has taken.

The president’s signature Affordable Care Act includes mental health care and substance abuse treatment among its 10 “essential” benefits, which means plans sold on the public health care exchanges must include coverage.

In addition, rules to fully carry out an older law — the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 — were issued in November, after a long delay. The parity law says that when health insurance plans provide coverage for mental ailments, it must be comparable to coverage for physical ailments. For instance, plans cannot set higher deductibles or charge higher co-payments for mental health visits than for medical visits, and cannot set more restrictive limits on the number of visits allowed.

So far, so good. So, knowing what we know about ObamaCare, what would be the first question to ask? Read below the fold...

"Drunken frat boy rapist" business model creates problems for Dartmouth

(Of course, the drunken frat boys go into finance so the endowment, but still.) WaPo:

Dartmouth College’s president lamented Wednesday that the Ivy League school’s promising future “is being hijacked by extreme behavior,” including sex assaults, parties with “racist and sexist undertones,” and a campus culture in which “dangerous drinking has become the rule and not the exception.”

Then the behavior isn't "extreme" but normal, right?

Philip J. Hanlon, a Dartmouth alumnus who took office in June, said such problems were taking a toll on the image of the 245-year-old college in Hanover, N.H. Applications to Dartmouth fell 14 percent this year, the sharpest drop in two decades, and the federal government has launched an investigation of issues related to sexual harassment and sexual violence there.

Good. Read below the fold...

Back from the brink in Ukraine?

Open dynastic looting at NYU

I hate to quote the NY Post, but since they got the story:

New York University’s controversial penchant under President John Sexton for doling out real-estate perks to top professors and executives also extended to his son.

Jed Sexton, whose sole affiliation with NYU was his status as the president’s son, for years enjoyed a spacious faculty apartment while the university experienced a “severe” housing shortage, The Post has learned.

In spring 2002, NYU ordered that a pair of one-bedroom apartments normally reserved for law school faculty be combined into a lavish, two-story spread in the heart of Greenwich Village, property records show.

The Harvard-educated Sexton, who was a 33-year-old aspiring actor at the time, shared the new duplex with his newlywed wife, Danielle Decrette, for the next five years, according to documents and people briefed on the situation.

How cozy! Read below the fold...

Dammit, I missed the blood moon

But on the bright side, it's raining, so all the winter crud is being washed away. Optimism! Read below the fold...


Going down to the 40s tonight; about 50 degrees lower than I'm used to (modulo air con, which I turned off at night). Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day (2)

Tweet of the day

Should I upgrade to OS X 10.9.2?

In the past, I would have upgraded automatically. Now, I'm not so sure. OS X has stability and quality problems it didn't use to have, basically since iOS features began to invade it. Read below the fold...


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