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lambert's blog opens at midnight on the day of the government shutdown and lambert finds a bug

[And if you have your own experiences to share, and especially screen dumps, please add them in comments or contact me. Either Federal Exchanges, or state exchanges. I'm especially interested in Covered California! Thank you! --lambert]

Nice timing. from Maine had a registration #FAIL at step 3. Here's the screen dump:

Read below the fold...

So I'm not the only one annoyed by DCCC mail blasts

The midterms politics of single payer in Vermont: Will Shumlin's Democrats blow it?

From Valley News:

[H]ealth reform remains a key issue facing [Vermont Governor Peter] Shumlin, the Democrat who currently occupies the corner office in the Statehouse, and his leading challengers: Republican Scott Milne, a travel agency owner from Pomfret, and Libertarian Dan Feliciano, an Essex management consultant.

Three polls since late August showed Shumlin with a double-digit lead, making him one of four Democrats rated a likely winner in a fall governor’s race by the website.

State Sen. Anthony Pollina, a Progressive who has long called for a single-payer health care system in Vermont, said that he expected Shumlin to win re-election, but expressed concern that winning by a narrow margin or with only a plurality would leave him with his “mandate to move ahead with single-payer greatly dampened.”

Not to be too cynical, but does Shumlin have national ambitions? So, mission accomplished? Read below the fold...

Job Guarantee and Basic Income Guarantee

In the garden: Still turning

My middle filbert in sweet light. Read below the fold...

In the garden: Chores

I think yesterday really was the last day for me to work outside:

And that means I shortly have chores to do: Read below the fold...

Identity politics as a subset of neo-liberalism


Let Them Eat Diversity
Bhaskar Sunkara: Neoliberalism is often presented as a unified, homogenous ideology, but you differentiate between “left” and “right” neoliberalisms — what’s the difference and which one dominates American politics today?

Walter Benn Michaels: The differentiation between left and right neoliberalism doesn’t really undermine the way it which it is deeply unified in its commitment to competitive markets and to the state’s role in maintaining competitive markets. For me the distinction is that “left neoliberals” are people who don’t understand themselves as neoliberals. They think that their commitments to anti-racism, to anti-sexism, to anti-homophobia constitute a critique of neoliberalism. But if you look at the history of the idea of neoliberalism you can see fairly quickly that neoliberalism arises as a kind of commitment precisely to those things.

One of the first major works of neoliberal economics by an American is Becker’s [The] Economics of Discrimination, which is designed precisely to show that in competitive economies you can’t afford to discriminate. Foucault sort of marks the beginning of neoliberalism in Europe with the horror at what the Nazi state did and the recognition that you can legitimize the state in a much more satisfactory manner by making it the guardian of competitive markets rather than the guardian of the German volk. And today’s orthodoxy is the idea that social justice consists above all in defense of property and the attack of discrimination. This is at the heart of neoliberalism and right-wing neoliberals understand this and left-wing neoliberals don’t.

It's not even "left" neoliberalism vs. "right" neoliberalism, is it? Read below the fold...

Elizabeth Warren is so full of shit

Elizabeth Warren: 'The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it'. Sure, a little partisanship is fine, but this isn't funny any more. In fact, Warren's just lying. All you've got to do is look at the record: Read below the fold...

Keene, NH versus Ferguson, MO

Tweet of the day

Tweet of the Day (2)

Democrat butchers single payer talking points (for lack of party support)

A state Senate race in California:

While both support the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, the two disagreed over whether a single-payer option should be added to the program.

“I don’t have a problem with universal health care, [but] single payer doesn’t work,” [Republican Downey Councilman Mario Guerra] said. “You’re taking away choices. I want to choose my own doctor, not go to a doctor the government gives me.”

[former Assemblyman and Democrat Tony Mendoza] said, “We shouldn’t turn back now, people are suffering. It doesn’t matter what your socioeconomic status is, health care should be available to everyone.”

Total fail. Canadians get to pick their own doctor under their single payer program: Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

This is messed up.

In the garden: Flowers after the rain

We're now in that season when rain means warmth, not coolth. So, it was warm today and the cloudy sky made for nicely saturated colors:

A tapestry (bangs head on desk seeking greater depth of field, but perhaps the iPad's lense, no matter how augmented, cannot deliver this?)

Jewel-like Bachelor's Buttons; and the iPad, for whatever reason, will show a crisper image on the screen than in the image produced; could be camera shake, so I should think of a tripod.

More Bachelor's Buttons. This is not a very good photograph, but it reminds me of a late DeKooning: Great random handing swaths of stuff, but still brilliant color. Read below the fold...

Texas Presbyterian whistleblower comes foward, shows how MBA misleadership class treated ebola nurses like cannon fodder

Really, really appalling:

[Briana Aguirre, who has worked at the Dallas hospital for three years, ] cared for nurse Nina Pham, 26, who was diagnosed with Ebola this weekend after caring for Mr Duncan, who died from Ebola last Wednesday.

Read below the fold...


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