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What would reparations look like?

Like lambert ...

I wonder what 40 acres and a mule would be, compounded, to pick the starting point if the country had managed to do Reconstruction right by doing land reform instead of wage labor and then sharecropping.

... I sometimes find myself starting at 40 acres and a mule and projecting forward. Read below the fold...

Read this

Support Arthur Silber (and cats), support the USPS, ditch PayPal

Unless you are an oligarch yourself -- or unless you are content to be kept by one -- oligarchs are not your friends.

On the other hand, it's not everybody who can afford to run an outfit that truly does investigative journalism, but... Read below the fold...

Bill Moyers interviews Wendell Berry

Here: Wendell Berry on His Hopes for Humanity.

There are other reasons to leave the land and move to the big city, other reasons to decide to not be a farmer, but this is important:

BILL MOYERS: When you and I were born in 1934 there were almost seven million family farms in this country. There are now roughly around two million family farms and most of us are further away from the foundations of nature than we’ve ever been.

Read below the fold...

Happy Birthday, Medicare! Teh Dartmouth Atlas, some peeps shredz it 4 U!

On July 30, 2013, Medicare will turn 48 years old. To celebrate, I'm outsourcing this post.

From an op-ed in last year's Houston Chronicle, written by a Texas physician, because never forget that Medicare was brought to you by a president from Texas: Read below the fold...

"Their care is necessary. Their poverty is not."

We made some real progress on both those fronts some decades ago, although these social achievements were overshadowed by the horrific war we were waging at the same time. Read below the fold...

Happy Birthday, Medicare! Teh Dartmouth Atlas, I shredz it 4 U!

A lolcat GIFt for you, because the Dartmouth Atlas "researchers" really ought to be laughed off the face of the earth, for this, if for no other reason: Read below the fold...

Want more and better Democrats in Congress?

Take a page from the Republican play book: have your candidates for office sign a pledge and then hold them to it.

The pledge? Bring back pork barrel spending. Bring home the Federal dollars to your district or state. Tax the rich to pay for it.

It's not really a true jobs guarantee program, and it would be a far far better thing if they spend the money on stuff we really need, but even bridges to nowhere provide jobs, plus they're less morally objectionable than, say, drone manufacturing. Read below the fold...

Friday Cat Blogging: Dartmouth Atlas of Dead People edition

The Dartmouth Atlas is a decades-long project that has primarily documented that some dead old people are more expensive than others and that some parts of the country seem to have more expensive dead old people than do other parts of the country. Read below the fold...

Baseline: Geezers in the Health Insurance Exchanges


because 64 seems as good a baseline as any... Read below the fold...

This Christmas, Give the Gift of Corrente

Or if Christmas isn't your thing, there's Hanukkah (holy cow!) or Yule or Kwanzaa or any number of other Winter Solstice observances that you may never have heard of (I hadn't).

Corrente | If you have "no place to go," come here! is an apt description of how I got here in the first place, being at the time (the 2008 primaries) a Hillary supporter surrounded by Obama Fan Club members, on the internet, at least, but I found other like-minded people here.

This was followed closely by the Financial Meltdown and there really was no one place where you could find good information - except here. And too, I was a new convert to the idea of single payer, but who was talking about that? Nobody - except Corrente.

All this has to be paid for somehow, and I knew that the US printed its own money, but beyond sort of fuzzily realizing that, how did that work? Ha! Some Correnteans not only wrote about it here, they even organized a conference.

And where else are you going to find live blogs on single payer advocacy (here! here! here!) or being a Green Party candidate (here!) or how to be a guerilla projectionist (here!)?

But life is not all politics and economics and activism, and neither is Corrente. Read below the fold...

It was only a matter of time

The American Medicalcareisforrichpeople Association Secret Magic Decoder Ring

The AMA has come out in favor of voucherizing Medicare.

AMA's Council on Medical Sacrifice Service:

The Council recommends that the AMA support transitioning Medicare to a defined contribution program that would enable beneficiaries to purchase coverage of their choice through a Medicare exchange of competing health insurance plans.

Don McCanne, of PNHP: Read below the fold...

"Experts: If You Don't Get A Flu Shot, You're Stupid. And A Dick"

Hey, I didn't make up that blog post title, somebody else did. It's a nice explication of how flu viruses work, and includes a salutary bit of browbeating too.

h/t to athena1 for reminding me that i don't read nsfwcorp often enough. Read below the fold...

I don't think these are hummingbirds, Toto...

Can I have a Halloween do-over post? Black cats are iconic, but... bats! That's a Lesser Long-nosed Bat and not only is it cute as the dickens, Read below the fold...


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