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Versailles as a metaphor catches on

UPDATE: David Dayen is using it:

The meaningless debate over Lisa Murkowski’s bid to stop the EPA from complying with a Supreme Court order and regulate carbon emissions will take up the whole day in the US Senate. I say “meaningless” because it has no chance of passage, after President Obama’s veto threat. But inside Versailles it’s more important to measure “humiliation” than anything else.

Glen Greenwald is using it:

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Democratic economic EPIC FAIL


Every previous Democratic president has brought down the rate of unemployment. Every previous Democratic president has had a stellar record of creating jobs.

This administration is an EPIC FAIL from the point of view of jobs. What is worse is that it does not seem to occur to any of our precious leadersheep that failure to reduce unemployment reflects very poorly upon them. There is NO sense of urgency. Read more about Democratic economic EPIC FAIL

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Blogs and the decline of the Democratic party

Jane Hamsher has a bitter rant about the Arkansas Democratic primary. It seems Blanche Lincoln won just because of money; Hamsher does not consider the possibility that other factors may have been at work. Specifically, she does not discuss why the progressive candidate won the white male rural vote and the corporatist candidate won the female and black vote. Read more about Blogs and the decline of the Democratic party

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Thoughts about Arkansas

First of all, let me admit that I don't really know anything about Arkansas. Read more about Thoughts about Arkansas

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Shorter Bowers: the C list does not exist

Amateur blogosphere, RIP

Only five years ago, the progressive political blogosphere was still predominately a gathering place for amateur (that is, unpaid or barely paid) journalists and activists unattached to existing media companies and advocacy organizations. Those days are almost completely over. Now, the progressive blogosphere is almost entirely professionalized, and inextricably linked to existing media companies and advocacy organizations.

That statement could not have been more arrogant if a TV hairdo had said it. It is as if there is a narrow group of high traffic blogs and the rest of you don't matter. Sheesh. Read more about Shorter Bowers: the C list does not exist

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Police are camera shy

Put down the camera!

In response to a flood of Facebook and YouTube videos that depict police abuse, a new trend in law enforcement is gaining popularity. In at least three states, it is now illegal to record any on-duty police officer.

Even if the encounter involves you and may be necessary to your defense, and even if the recording is on a public street where no expectation of privacy exists.

It turns out it depends upon which state you live in. Read more about Police are camera shy

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Versailles' budget policy

b. commenting at Ian Welsh:

We let them die over here so that we can kill them over there.
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The significance of insider stock trades


The reformed stock broker takes a very different view of insider stock selling from your humble servant.

Please don't make your investment decisions based on blogs. Read more about The significance of insider stock trades

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Class warfare for real


Foxconn confirms guards beat up workers

A manager of Foxconn Technology Group's Beijing factory confirmed that company security guards did beat employees in an incident last August.

A video of the incident, which first appeared on the Internet in August, has been gaining popularity following a string of employee suicides. More than 20 guards are shown beating two employees.

anyone have a link to that video? Read more about Class warfare for real

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Prison labor, Indian prison labor, because American prison labor is too expensive


Prison Labor: Outsourcing's "Best Kept Secret"

When word spread earlier this month that an Indian IT services company planned to set up a 200-person business process outsourcing unit in an Andhra Pradesh jail , it wasn't long before the snark began flying. Are captive centers on the rebound? Imagine the low attrition rates! Inmates working for banks—what could possibly go wrong?

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Rotten Apple


iPhone maker Foxconn hit by 10th jumping death

In a report to clients, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch said that while the incidents would affect Hon Hai's image, they are unlikely to cause a significant impact on earnings, a view echoed by UBS, which noted that Hon Hai remains a "top-notch supplier".

Foxconn Asks Employees to Sign Promise Not to Commit Suicide or Sue The Company If They Do Read more about Rotten Apple

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Clinton as the next Secretary of Defense

The latest rumor in Versailles is that Clinton might be moved to Defense. Dunno if it is true, but it would signal that Obama is serious about dumping DADT. It also might mean that we will get serious about violence against women in the military.

Otherwise it would just be the same old imperial hubris. Read more about Clinton as the next Secretary of Defense

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Why is Henrico County pimping Michael Isikoff?

Why is the Henrico County Economic Development Commission hosting a book event for Michael Isikoff in Fairfax County? (a two hour drive from Henrico County even in good traffic)

Henrico County Virginia presents Newsweek's and MSNBC's Mike Isikoff

Hear him answer the question on the mind of every business person:
“Obama’s Record and the Election
Outlook for 2010: How Vulnerable
Are the Democrats?”
Join Michael Isikoff for an exclusive free-of-charge breakfast/conversation.


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