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Why I don't care about the 2012 Presidential election

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the recent protests in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and now Michigan. We are witnessing a real uprising; a new citizens movement being born.

Presidential elections are the culmination of political movements, not the beginning, or even middle. To permit ourselves to be distracted by the 2012 Presidential election from what is clearly the issue of our time would be a real shame. Read more about Why I don't care about the 2012 Presidential election

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Why we fight in Libya

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What Obama and the Dems could learn from NPR

What is the sound of that deafening silence? It is the sound of liberals not caring about the fate of NPR. The House Republicans have put it on the chopping block and liberals simply don't care.

We tried to tell NPR, but they didn't listen. They kept repeating right wing talking points. But the more you bow down to bullies, the more empowered bullies become. You can't reason with bullies, you have to stand up to them. Now their very existence is on the line and we are too busy trying to defend important things like the Center for Disease Control and Social Security that we simply don't have time for NPR. Read more about What Obama and the Dems could learn from NPR

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Medical bankruptcies in Massachusetts


Massachusetts reform hasn’t stopped medical bankruptcies: Harvard study

Considering health-whatever reform was based on the Massachusetts model we can see where we are going. Read more about Medical bankruptcies in Massachusetts

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What pragmatism looks like


The death toll in Japan would have been far higher save for their strict building codes and sea wall.

It is amazing what humans can do if they are not restrained by ideology or parasitic overlords. Read more about What pragmatism looks like

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Don't write your Representative or Senator

Last week I got an email from Healthcare-NOW! asking me to write my representative in support of HR 676, Medicare for All.

I don't have a representative. But that is not my point.

Letters to Representatives have a very limited impact. Especially if they come from regular customers, constituents whose previous letters indicate a general point of view and have been accordingly pigeonholed. Read more about Don't write your Representative or Senator

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What could possibly go wrong?


Goldman, State Dept. team up to help women

A woman in a developing country running her own small business can face any number of obstacles: discrimination, limited access to funding, and little education on how to manage the balance sheet of her company or win more customers.

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Washington Nurses 24-hour strike

Washington Post

On Friday, between 200 and 250 nurses held picket signs and chanted slogans outside the hospital complex at First and Irving streets NW. The scrubs they wore were red, the trademark color of National Nurses United, which represents the hospital center's 1,600 nurses and is the country's largest nurses' union.

Short staffing is a huge issue here, this strike is really about quality of care. Read more about Washington Nurses 24-hour strike

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Rallies in solidarity with Wisconsin


New Mexico labor unions rally in support of Wisconsin

Pittsburgh Union rally for Wisconsin

Connecticut Union rally in support of Wisconsin

Boston rally in support of Wisconsin

Colorado rally in support of Wisconsin

Nevada rally in support of Wisconsin

Chicago rally in support of Wisconsin

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton rally in support of Wisconsin workers Read more about Rallies in solidarity with Wisconsin

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Why does Rupert Murdoch have a job?


Records Say Fox News Chief Told Employee to Lie

It was an incendiary allegation — and a mystery of great intrigue in the media world: After the publishing powerhouse Judith Regan was fired by HarperCollins in 2006, she claimed that a senior executive at its parent company, News Corporation, had encouraged her to lie to federal investigators two years before.

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Labor rising, local voices editon

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The return of HR 676, Medicare for All

Healthcare-NOW!: Conyers Reintroduces “Expanded & Improved Medicare For All” Bill (HR 676):

Washington DC- Representative John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.), a long-time national leader for non-profit publicly-financed universal health care, today introduced H.R. 676, “The Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act.” The single-payer universal health care bill, which has been introduced since 2003, has 25 original cosponsors, and has sparked a growing national movement in support of the bill.

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Republican strategery

I agree with Atrios that Republican destructiveness has reached a new level of ghastliness.

My theory is that the Republicans were really frightened in January 2009 that Obama really would be FDR 2.0 and therefore decided to block all his efforts to make the country better on the theory that if things got worse they could get back in power. It helped that neither Obama nor the Senate Democrats had any intention of doing anything for ordinary people.

Now I think they have expanded upon their strategery. I think they actually want to make the US as ungovernable as possible so that they will win in 2012. Read more about Republican strategery

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Technical support request redux

I have asked before, but on the off chance that we have more DC based technophiles reading this blog; does any DC based reader know how to how to remove broken power adapter stem from inside a Mac laptop ..? Read more about Technical support request redux


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