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Home Remedy Help: Mice


My present house has a serious mice problem.

We have two dogs, a rough collie and a border collie. Neither are interested in catching mice.

I am allergic to cats, so am not interested in that solution.

Readers, what do you recommend? Read below the fold...

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March to Fulfill the Dream: New Orleans to Detroit!

Dear Healthcare-NOW! Supporter:

On April 4th, 2010 poor people and their allies will unite with the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) to advance Dr. King's dream of ending poverty. Read below the fold...

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Know your rights, contact legal aide


Moves to Garnish Pay Rise as More Debtors Fall Behind

PHOENIX — When the bank sued Leann Weaver for not paying her credit card balance, her reaction was typical for someone in that situation. Personal and financial setbacks weighed her down, and she knew she owed the $2,470. So she never went to court to defend herself.

She was startled by what happened next. When she swiped her debit card at the grocery store, it was declined. It turned out Capital One Bank had taken $224.25 from her paycheck, a quarter of her wages for two weeks of work at a retail chain, and her bank account was overdrawn.

Read below the fold...
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Republican Congressman hires campaign workers, blames Obama

Complaints about Obama drive 11 percent surge in Tiahrt's office spending

In a year when he was saying government needed to tighten its belt to get through the recession, Rep. Todd Tiahrt increased spending on his taxpayer-funded congressional office by 11 percent, federal records show. ...

... A little more than half of the $196,000 of Tiahrt's increased staffing cost went to five people who also got salary and/or expense reimbursements for working on Tiahrt's Senate campaign, election disclosure forms show. Four of them recently were named members of Tiahrt's campaign leadership team.

Read below the fold...
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Obama fan base to voters: La-La-La, I can't hear you

I don't mean to keep on picking on Booman, but here, and more succinctly here, he maintains that all is well in Obama land.

Michael Whitney has a run down of just how bad it looks for Dems as of now.

Quick review for those who have not gotten the memo: Dems lost the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and NJ. Dems just lost a Senate race in Massachusetts on the issue of health care deform. Voters don't like what Democrats are doing. Read below the fold...

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Green party Ed Bortz's speech to single payer advocates

Ed Bortz, PA Green for Congress, speech for single-payer coalition

As you all know, the recent health insurance legislation is so clearly aligned with those corporate insurance interests. After all, it was written in the back rooms with the voices for single-payer and Improved Medicare for All left out of the evaluation, off the table and out in the street.

Read below the fold...
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Randi Weingarten AFT Solidarity FAIL


Open Letter To AFT President Randi Weingarten

“Thanks to Thursday’s (March 25) vote of the Washington Teachers Union, President George Parker and certain WTU Executive Board members will not support the April 10 march to the US Department of Education that has been organized by Steve Conn, a Detroit public schools teacher. The purpose of the march is to defend public education by taking a stand against the attacks on teachers; black, Latino, poor, working class and middle class students of all races; end privatization of public education; end separate and unequal schools; and restore Dr. King’s vision for America.

Read below the fold...
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Green Party Rich Whitney campaigning in Illinois


Two major events this week strikingly illustrate how the leadership of the Democratic Party makes a pretense of defending the interests of working people – while actually attacking those interests on behalf of their corporate paymasters, including Wall Street.

The first is the signing of the so-called Health Insurance reform bill in Washington – which should properly be named the "Health Insurance Company Enrichment Act of 2010."

Read below the fold...
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Save Renee's House: Stop the Bank of America Foreclosure!

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PNHP on the health care bill

PNHP: 23 million people will remain uninsured nine years out under the new health care bill.

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The Public Option Trojan Pony Rides Again

First a flashback from Robert Parry:

However, the fear of the insurance industry and parts of the medical establishment, such as the American Medical Association, is that so many Americans are so dissatisfied with how they’ve been treated by insurers and hospitals that they would flee to almost any public plan, voting with their pocketbooks and their health in a way that might lead to a de facto single-payer system eventually.

In other words, from AHIP's point of view, there was never any difference between Medicare for All and some sort of genuine public option. Read below the fold...

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Why Democrats are going to lose in 2010

As Yoggi Berra said, predictions are hard, especially about the future. Even so, I think the Massachusetts special election for US Senate offers us a preview of what is about to unfold. It is not 1994 all over again.

There was a steady drum beat of pseudo scandals that dominated the air waves in 1994 which has no equivalent today. Moreover, we did not have blogosphere to push back in those days. There is only a faint resemblance between now and then. Read below the fold...


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