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Aux letters to the editor, Citoyens! Republicans vote to end Medicare

Roll call vote on Ryan bill to end Medicare. If your representative voted against Medicare, please write a letter to the editor criticizing the vote. We need to get the word out. Read more about Aux letters to the editor, Citoyens! Republicans vote to end Medicare

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Hands off our Medicare blog

Healthcare-NOW! has a new blog, Hands Off Our Medicare!

I discovered this quite by chance. Why didn't they send out an email blast? Or at least send an announcement to their online supporters? Do they even have a list of their online supporters?

They are a tiny organization with staffers juggling too many balls, so we can't be surprised or too critical when they drop one.

Just making an observation. Read more about Hands off our Medicare blog

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If I were congressional strategist for Healthcare-NOW!

Liberty Leading the People

DC blogger leads a group of health care activists on a visit to Capitol Hill

Let me start by saying that for all I know Healthcare-NOW! is doing everything that I suggest. They are almost certainly doing at least some of this. Read more about If I were congressional strategist for Healthcare-NOW!

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Ohio solidarity rallies

We are Ohio rally at Ohio Statehouse

April 9, 2011: We Are Ohio

April 9 Statehouse SB5 Rally Crowd Walkthrough.dv Read more about Ohio solidarity rallies

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It's back, the Zombie Public Option Sparkle Pony!


Health care
1. Enact a public option

Question for Raul Grijalva and Keith Ellison, do you have specific legislative language for a public option with a bill number? Because if you don't you are just jerking your supporters around.

As you well know, there is a proposal that would cover everyone and save money, HR 676, why not the best? Read more about It's back, the Zombie Public Option Sparkle Pony!

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Turn off Fox, the next step

I can't find words for how pleased I am that Glenn was chased off the air. Congratulations to Color of Change, Spocko, and everyone involved. It is a huge victory and important sign that the left can take down a big guy, at least in certain circumstances.

The next step is to go after Fox itself.

Step one:

Some businesses play Fox without having thought about it at all, and may not know how divisive and dangerous Fox is. Turn Off Fox will help you work with others in your area (and across the country) to identify places that play Fox, ask them to change the channel, and explain why they should.

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Medicare for All Baby

If I were in charge of strategy for the Medicare for All movement (never say the scary word single payer, say Medicare for All) I would chose this moment for an email blast asking people to write a letter to the editor in support of HR 676 (which now has 41 co-sponsors)

Want a Democratic response to Ryan? How about Medicare for All baby? Read more about Medicare for All Baby

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Wisconsin, looks like a recount

Challenger extends tiny lead in Wisconsin supreme court race

Update at 11:10 a.m. ET: With five precincts remaining, Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg has taken a 447-vote lead over incumbent Justice David Prosser in the Wisconsin state Supreme Court race out of 1.5 million votes cast, the AP reports.

More from Wisconsin bloggers. Read more about Wisconsin, looks like a recount

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Visible lefties: Solidarity rallies


Workers Defend Their Rights in Wisconsin & Ohio

No on SB-5 Rally, Medina, Ohio

SN5 Rally Youngstown Ohio

SB5 Rally Youngstown Ohio 3/30/2011

Senate Bill 5 Rally

Anti-SB5 Anthem: Come on Kasich, Don't sell us out!

AFSCME Ohio United We Stand

Mike Williams Ellet Town Hall Meeting Pt 2of2

Ohio Statehouse SB5 final protest/vote Read more about Visible lefties: Solidarity rallies

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Privatizing Medicare

As long as Medicare exists, it poses a threat to health insurance parasites, because it could always be extended to all of us, so the Republicans want to privatize it. So this has to be treated very seriously.

Now, if any Democratic Senator wanted to filibuster this, he or she could fill the Capitol with protestors, a la Madison.

So do we still have any friends on Capitol Hill? Read more about Privatizing Medicare

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If I were King of the World, I would order a massive blog swarm with the subject line JOBS.

It has been a long time since there was a true netroots blogswarm, so long I cannot even remember. But maybe if we picked one day, assuming we could reassemble a long since shattered coalition, and posted about jobs, we could get the attention of our benighted elite.

Just a thought. Read more about Jobs

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Emergent Party registration trends in New Jersey

I chose New Jersey because it has voter registration by party and has elections this year.

12,944 registered Independents, no other emergent parties listed

18,077 registered Independents
632 registered Green
448 Libertarian
56 Natural Law Party
97 Reform Party
62 US Constitution Party

154 Conservative Party
953 Green Party
1023 Libertarian
29 Natural Law
67 Reform
117 US Constitution

1001 Green Party
1387 Libertarian
65 Reform Party
136 Constitution
31 Natural Law
317 Conservative

1008 Green
1441 Libertarian
63 Reform
138 Constitution
31 Natural Law
337 Conservative

note - the Independent Party disappears after 2004 Read more about Emergent Party registration trends in New Jersey

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The Republican playbook

Democrats won in 2006 and 2008 because Bush messed up and the economy was a mess. Also Katrina and Iraq.

So what did the Republicans learn? When the economy is a mess the incumbent party loses power. So clearly to the Republicans, they needed to do whatever necessary to mess up the economy even more.

It seemed to me that initially the Republicans were worried that Obama would try to be FDR 2.0 and were determined to block his actions. Clearly they need not have worried. Obama does not seem to think that unemployment is a serious political problem for him and he might even be correct. Read more about The Republican playbook


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