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Newsweek up for sale

Media Matters for America is reporting the Newsweek is up for sale. Maybe Al Gore will buy it and we can have a real news magazine. Read more about Newsweek up for sale

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Single payer candidate wins in North Carolina

Single-Payer Candidate Wins NC Primary

North Carolina house candidate Marcus Brandon defeated a 30-year incumbent tonight, by 60% to 40%, to become the Democratic nominee in an overwhelmingly Democratic district in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Brandon has pledged to introduce a bill to create single-payer healthcare in North Carolina, and now he'll be able to do it.

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Peter Schurman for Governor of California

Vote for Peter Schurman in the Democratic primary in the California gubernatorial race.

Our health care system is a mess. The problem is the health insurance companies. They are parasites, sucking up massive sums of money, and giving us paperwork, rate hikes, and denials of coverage in return. Although President Obama's new health care law reins in some of their worst abuses, it also perpetuates the problem, by forcing us to buy their inadequate products, and offering no other option.

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Today in bait and switch


So, the FCC tries to regulate Broadband, and the courts turns them back. Instead of asserting greater authority to regulate the Internet by reclassifying broadband as a "Title II" service, they are just going to give up.

Get the feeling that this was the plan all along? Read more about Today in bait and switch

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St. John Medical Center threatens Mobilize Ohio with defamation suit


Cleveland Plain Dealer

WESTLAKE, Ohio -- About 50 people gathered across from St. John Medical Center in Westlake Sunday afternoon to protest the closure of two primary care practices that operated in the hospital.

St. John Medical Center threatened Mobilize Ohio with a defamation suit.

Mobilize Ohio's lawyer responds: Read more about St. John Medical Center threatens Mobilize Ohio with defamation suit

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Down with the legacy parties

update, via Valley Girl, a graph of partisan political identification:

Read more about Down with the legacy parties

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Max Brantley on the Arkansas Senate primary

Salon has a great interview with Max Brantley on the Halter Lincoln contest. Read more about Max Brantley on the Arkansas Senate primary

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More ink for the teach-in counter-conference

Liberal Activists Say Focus on Long-Term Debt is ‘Misguided’

Other critics of Washington's view of the debt take that a step further: Not only are today's deficits of little importance, they say, but the federal deficit itself is no measure of the country's fiscal condition. Liberal blogs such as Firedoglake and New Deal 2.0 organized a counter-summit in Washington to preach this gospel, known as Modern Monetary Theory.

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Immigration deform

Please read Jeralyn, it is much worse than we thought. It is not just biometric cards, as bad as that is, they are planning to throw an high tech iron curtain across our southern border (to keep them out or us in?). There is more money for the war on some of the people who do drugs and a faith based preference for immigration applicants. Because we do not have enough preachers in this country. Read more about Immigration deform

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Unemployed? 99-er? Fax your resume to your congress-critter!

Unemployed? Fax or email your resume to your Congressional representatives!

NOTE Of course, if there were a JG (Jobs Guarantee) to make sure that everybody who wanted to work had a job, this wouldn't be necessary. --lambert Read more about Unemployed? 99-er? Fax your resume to your congress-critter!

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Getting through to PBS and Frontline

Michael Getler, PBS's Ombudsman writes a follow op column on the Frontline Follies, check out the letters he reproduces: Read more about Getting through to PBS and Frontline

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Action Alert: Rally for doctors in Westlake Ohio

From Healthcare-NOW!

Dear Healthcare-NOW! Supporter:

We're writing to call your attention to an extremely significant event in the Cleveland area.

Dr. George Randt and his colleague are board-certified internists who have had a contractual relationship with St. John Medical Center covering some 2,500 patients for several years. These two doctors have excellent records with the hospital, high patient satisfaction and retention rates, and have never had an unfavorable review.

This past month they were notified by the president of their hospital, Mr. Cliff Coker, that their contracts were being terminated because they were not sufficiently profit-driven and "volume oriented," i.e., not seeing enough patients quickly enough.

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Obama's nominees for the Federal Reserve


Besides Yellen, who would be vice chairman replacing outgoing No. 2 Donald Kohn, Obama will tap Sarah Raskin, a top banking supervisor for the state of Maryland, and economist Peter Diamond, who has written extensively about the government-run Social Security program, to fill Fed vacancies.


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