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Anyone here from Berkeley?

Daily Kos Founder Considering Run For Congress

Does Berkeley have a functioning Green Party? It sure would be sweet if the Greens could beat Kos. Read more about Anyone here from Berkeley?

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Bernie Sanders in Iowa

2016 watch: Bernie Sanders returns to Iowa in February

Sanders, a Vermont independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats and identifies himself a Democratic Socialist, will hold six events over three days in and around Iowa City, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Ames.

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Health care protesters disrupt Shumlin's inauguration

Gov. Peter Shumlin delivered his third inaugural address Thursday, but disruptions were aplenty, as single-payer health care protesters entered the House chamber on multiple occasions. Read more about Health care protesters disrupt Shumlin's inauguration

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On what planet is Mike Bloomberg a liberal?

What is David Holmes talking about?

Earlier today, below a very evil-looking photo of a very rich Michael Bloomberg, Politico published a list of the top ten political donors of 2014. And much to the glee of conservatives, the two biggest spenders by a mile were hedge fund partner Tom Steyer and ex-New York mayor Michael Bloomberg — both supporters of predominantly liberal causes.

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Who started the fires in Ferguson


I don't know what to make of this. Could be rumor mongering, or could be real. Judge for yourself.

Who started the fires in Ferguson Read more about Who started the fires in Ferguson

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How Kool Aid is manufactured

Ryan Lizza's write up of Jim Webb is so bad it is embarrassing.

In his senatorial race, Webb did well not only in northern Virginia, which is filled with Washington commuters and college-educated liberals, but also with rural, working-class white voters in Appalachia.

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Was the Senate stolen via voter suppression?

I have not looked at the races closely enough to know; but certainly voter suppression in North Carolina and elsewhere was being carried out on an industrial scale. It may be that the Republicans would have won anyway; but the Democrats will not be able to win if their base is disenfranchised. Read more about Was the Senate stolen via voter suppression?

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Versailles Democrats failing upwards

Atrios on the 50 state strategy

One thing that I think people tend to forget is that Howard Dean's 50 state strategy wasn't simply about fighting everywhere, it was about shoveling money out of DC before the vultures there could get their hands on it. It was about the idea that people who run campaigns out of Washington don't know what the hell they're doing, but that as long as the money was sitting there, candidates didn't have much choice but to deal with them.

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Looking for Green shoots on election day

So I went to my polling place and voted for Eugene Puryear and some other DC Statehood/Green Party candidates. There is a real possibility that he could win.

Should Muriel Bowser win, that would create a vacancy on council for the fourth ward seat. Green Party member Renee Bowser will probably run again. So there is a real possibility that DC could have two Green Party members on council. Read more about Looking for Green shoots on election day

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Eugene Puryear, showing how it is done

Will Sommer

Speaking of sleepy parties inexplicably active in this election, remember the Statehood Greens? Had a Council seat for a while until Catania poleaxed party warhorse Hilda Mason in 1998, been known for kooky candidates ever since?

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Dallas nurses coping with ebola

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Hillary Clinton is popular

Two years out, poll shows Hillary Clinton’s the 2016 favorite

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton has a comfortable lead among Democrats for the 2016 presidential nomination, while the Republican race remains a free-for-all, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll.


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