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oh dear

Sanders: I wouldn’t end drone program

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” Sanders indicated that he would limit the use of drones so that they do not end up killing innocent people abroad, but declined to say that he would end the targeted killing campaign completely.

“I think we have to use drones very, very selectively and effectively. That has not always been the case,” Sanders said.

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The media hates Hillary Clinton

New poll showing Clinton beating everyone is reported as bad news for Hillary

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Hillary Clinton coasting to a crushing victory in a three-way race against Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, winning 45 percent of the vote, compared with 22 for Sanders and 18 for Biden.

And the good news for Clinton doesn't stop there.

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Mayor Bowser's police power grab

Black Lives Matter organizers rallying D.C. to speak out against mayor’s proposed police agenda

Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) will hold a press conference Thursday morning to outline her new agenda to reduce crime in the city — and Black Lives Matter organizers will be there to say her approach is wrong.

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Dick Durbin is the worst

Senator emailed Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise over Salaita firing

The senior US Senator from Illinois privately emailed University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Phyllis Wise to offer his backing as she faced a storm of protest over the firing of Steven Salaita.

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Reagan and Trump

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Patrick Murphy enabled the Benghazi witch hunt

Alan Grayson smacks Patrick Murphy over Benghazi

"Patrick Murphy voted to give the Tea Party Republicans who run the House of Representatives the power to subpoena Hillary Clinton's records, hold hearings and conduct a political witch hunt that will last through the presidential election," Grayson said in a statement. "I would like to know if Patrick Murphy is happy with what he has done, or if he now regrets that vote."

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Trump's calvin ball


Donald Trump: The 14th Amendment Is Unconstitutional
Essentially Trump is saying I am a big rich man and the law means whatever I say it means. It is time to stop laughing and consider the possibility that this fascist could actually win. He has gone on record as saying that he will set mobs on anyone who heckles his campaign. He is a would be Mussolini. So many thought that Mussolini was a joke until the laughter stopped. Read more about Trump's calvin ball

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Trump: gimme the nomination or else

That is essentially what his threat to run as an independent means. Gimme the nomination or I will arrange that no Republican can win.

All the regular rules do not apply. Read more about Trump: gimme the nomination or else

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Stasi HR


The modern work environment was already becoming more than a bit Orwellian, with employees being electronically spied on by their bosses to ensure productivity, but now the corporate push for total information awareness of workers is hitting new levels of creepiness.

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Versailles is oblivious

Bernie Sanders, an Outlier? The Senator Begs to Differ

For all his newfound attention, Mr. Sanders is still regarded by his Senate colleagues as a peripheral figure whose surging presidential campaign is more of an endearing curio than a cause for reassessment.

One of the qualities of a revolution is that the ancien regime never sees it coming. Read more about Versailles is oblivious

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Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter: ‘I have cancer’

I was an early supporter of Jimmy Carter and campaigned for him in the 1976 NH primary. I remain a huge fan. I don't dispute Joe Firestone's criticisms of him, Jimmy thought that being president was like being governor except with a foreign policy and a military. He did not understand fiat currencies.

Let me list all the reason I think he was a great president. Read more about Jimmy Carter

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Obama's Iran agreement

It is a good agreement and Congress needs to support the President. There are so many special interests. AIPAC is just one of the opponents. The Saudi's don't want it because they have a religious cold war with Iran that they want us to fight. Also, the ending of sanctions against Iran will bring their oil on to the market, which will press oil prices down. The Saudi's don't want that, and neither does the shale oil and fracking market. The Koch brothers don't want it. Read more about Obama's Iran agreement

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Donald Trump, Prince of Kleptocracy, apostle of greed

Donald Trump, Prince of Kleptocracy, Apostle of greed, Duke of Bombast and Braggadocio, Earl of Envy, Baron of Bigotry, Count of Cronyism, is the apotheosis of Republican party political culture. Going back at least to the Goldwater campaign, the Republican party has stood for two things, worship of wealth and hatred of minorities. Trump is the logical conclusion of that. Read more about Donald Trump, Prince of Kleptocracy, apostle of greed


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