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What is going on?

We have known for more than a decade that our voting machines are insecure at best and fixed at worst. Now all of a sudden there is all this talk about the voting machines from Versialles. Is this just more teeing up for a war with Russia? Or is something else going on? Read more about What is going on?

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Homelessness in DC

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Preparing to reinstate the draft

Senate passes defense bill including women in draft

This tells me three things, enlistment is down, they are planning to reinstate the draft, they are planning a major new war and the current enlistment is not sufficient. We need to call for the immediate disbandment of the Selective Service. No one should be called to register for a possible draft. Read more about Preparing to reinstate the draft

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Why does James Comey have a job?

Obama Should Demand FBI Director James Comey’s Resignation Today

Comey is all about entrapment, and can't solve any crimes he did not organize.

Also Comey has done squat to stop GamerGate. Read more about Why does James Comey have a job?

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Single Payer off the DNC platform table

email from HealthcareNOW:

The DNC strikes again!

The Democratic National Committee announced that in an effort to make "this year’s platform process the most representative and inclusive in history", they would be holding public hearings, accepting written, video, and in-person testimony to the platform drafters.

But as it turns out, these hearings aren't so "public". The DNC is hand-picking testimony beforehand, and at the D.C. hearing yesterday, single payer was iced out.

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Hillary Clinton's campaign message in one phrase

April 16, 2015 The Onion: Hillary Clinton To Nation: ‘Do Not Fuck This Up For Me’
Once again not only does The Onion get it right, they are pure prophecy. Read more about Hillary Clinton's campaign message in one phrase

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Public Option Redux

UPDATE: Destroying Medicare to Save ObamaCare: Hillary Clinton’s “Public Option” Plan
Medicare for More

Hillary Clinton’s new proposal to expand coverage for middle-aged adults provides a glimpse at how she would make Obamacare her own.

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Bernie and the Democratic party

There is still time to nominate Bernie. The US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, California, NJ, Montana, NM, SD, ND, and Washington DC have yet to hold their primaries. Bernie would need a commanding lead in them to catch Hillary, but the possibility is there. Bernie knows what his tracking polls look like, more importantly, he knows what his phone bank results look like. The Bernie phone bank is tied directly into his database, so he knows how many calls are being made, where those calls are going, and what the results look like, and his team knows this in real time. Read more about Bernie and the Democratic party

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Concern trolls for Hillary Clinton

So Joshua Micah Marshall has joined Kevin Drum and Paul Krugman in attacking Bernie for not giving up before his strongest states are due to vote, and for misleading people to think that the United States could ever have single payer health care, free university education, and double social security benefits, or do anything other than start wars and conduct surveillance on its own people. Read more about Concern trolls for Hillary Clinton

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The war party

The Coming Democratic Crackup

But a President Clinton’s transformation of the Democratic Party into “an aggressive war party,” whereas under President Barack Obama it has been “a reluctant war party,” would force principled anti-war Democrats to stop making excuses and to start trying to expel Clinton’s neocon pro-war attitudes from the party.

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Time for Doug McMillon to show some leadership


Kick the Poors

Republicans controlling the House are proposing $23 billion worth of food stamp cuts over the coming decade.

That is, in effect, proposing a cut of $10 billion in Walmart's gross sales over the coming decade. Why would McMillon stand for that? Read more about Time for Doug McMillon to show some leadership


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