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The National Guard: A Peculiar Institution

I'm apparently doing "twitter essays" now, and, apropos gruesomely hilarious NJ NG story, did one re odd history of the institution as a whole. Read more about The National Guard: A Peculiar Institution

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"Herr Hitler: At Home in the Clouds" (New York Times Magazine, 8/28/1939)

Simpson, Hedwig Maurer, "Herr Hitler: At Home in the Clouds." The New York Times [Magazine] Aug 20, 1939; p. SM3

Highlights available here. "Larchwood shingles, which are just taking on a pleasant weathering". . . . If nothing else, NYTMag writers breed true. Read more about "Herr Hitler: At Home in the Clouds" (New York Times Magazine, 8/28/1939)

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A Modest Proposal, 2015

On reading this bit

But in setting up non-nationals as parasites, as a burden, as usurpers of national resources, and so on, European governments and their loyal media are generating a dangerous political fantasy.

from Jacobin's piece on Europe's migrant crisis, my reaction was "well, yes, but they also treat their own nationals as 'parasites and a burden' if they happen to be on welfare," and then it hit me. Read more about A Modest Proposal, 2015

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The Republican "Base" in 1956 UK

From Hugh Trevor-Roper's "Letters from Oxford" (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2006) pp. 209-10: Read more about The Republican "Base" in 1956 UK

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I F*CKING KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[remarked gently by a two-time "Verbal" GRE score maxxer, upon reading above in excellent piece in The Awl]

Note also SLICC aspect,
Read more about I F*CKING KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Long live the secret Germany

Been following Jan Böhmermann after Read more about Long live the secret Germany

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"Has Anybody Voted on This?"

[Blyth on €5 trillion worth of ECB QE to prop up EU banks.] Read more about "Has Anybody Voted on This?"

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So that's where all this "training" stuff comes from. . .

From the excellent if horrible-90s-web-design-flashback

The latest blot on West Point's once-sterling reputation has come with a guilty plea from Bobbie C. Ryan, trusted employee in the Dean's office, who admits she embezzled almost $3 million for her own personal use.
The 51 year-old Highland Falls, New York woman admitted she diverted payments from West Point to a dummy corporation she set up - CWG Enterprises of New Windsor, N.Y. - for "training" that never took place.

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Generals and "the grotesque top-heaviness of the American corporation"

Something about the contemporary US military that should be better known is its Central-American-army degree of generals' bloat.

And this only follows the best traditions of the American corporate sector: Read more about Generals and "the grotesque top-heaviness of the American corporation"

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Elites: Markers and Makers

It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail. --Gore Vidal

A few years spent dinning the virtues of free trade agreements and supra-national organizations into the undergraduate minds of America's future elite left me with a small but abiding obsession with "the curve." Read more about Elites: Markers and Makers

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An Academic Election

Below the break is something I copied out the other day, from Hugh Trevor-Roper's letters, for a mentor of mine who recently lost an election in a State where one'd think a very soft social science shouldn't risk putting safe nonentities in leadership positions.

Since the cost of reproducing my labor in this regard is zero, I copy-paste it case any academic types find it funny. Read more about An Academic Election


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