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File this under "F," for facts not in evidence:

I have no doubt that Barack Obama wants to do right by the country... Read below the fold...
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Who's zoomin' who?

Arthur on the Compromising-Foolish-Powerless-Incompetent-Weakling-in-Chief:
Read below the fold...

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Comment of the day

From a Facebook friend:

Obama has dragged the goalposts so far to the right that Richard Nixon isn't even on the field any more Read below the fold...
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Burying the lede in a shallow grave

Here is the beginning of an absolutely shameless letter from Digby, John Amato, and Howie Klein:
Read below the fold...

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NYT makes a category error

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Krugman rationing his rationality

No one could have anticipated...

Just two days after Krugman (again) pronounced that Obama is a conservative (if inaccurately, as a moderate one) Obama is now a "mystery man," presumably antagonistic to conservative outcomes, but squandering "his own bargaining power" by his insistence on weak tactics of "compromising [and] his continuing faith in bipartisanship."

Predictable as this was, still... wow, just wow. Read below the fold...

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Let them eat scrota!

Digby starts a post with a worthy premise, that Tea Party politics largely benefit the wealthy, belying the populist zeitgeist that's the group's [to the extent that it is a single group] calling card.

The title of her post is "Idiot Collaborators." This designation presumably differentiates them from Democrats, who are smart collaborators. We know what good policy is, so when we vote for the other party that (also) has no intention of enacting it, we can thank our superior—probably more evolved, even—brains for the wisdom to punch the chad for the D party. Read below the fold...

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Deconstruction help, please

What's up with this post at BagNews?

Not to be condescending, but do you sense a strong elementary quality here with a childlike feel to many of these faces and bodies?

It appears to be about little else than being condescending, without—to these eyes—the content to cash the premise's check.

In the Age of Obama, is this what we're left with to try to show our superiority to a party as shitty and evil as the Republicans? Read below the fold...

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In which I donate a new, Kennedyesque slogan to the Democratic Party

"Ask not how evil we are. Ask how evil the other party is!" Read below the fold...

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In the blessed spirit of the unfettered marketplace...

... isn't it time that the Republican and Democratic parties merged?

Isn't that the natural order of things for duopolies selling near-identical products, such as Sirius and XM, NFL and AFL, and Comedy Central and Ha!?

They could continue to market both the red and blue jerseys, of course. The fans love 'em!

The infrastructure would just get a little more efficient, that's all.

Well, I guess it's a moot point, since they're both under the same ownership as it is. Read below the fold...

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Response to Paul Krugman

[no-glossary][/no-glossary]Krugman notes, and not for the first time, that Obama is a conservative.

My response, now in NYT's slow-moving approval queue:
Read below the fold...

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Krugman calls out equivalation

While there is the typical category error ("the president and Democrats in Congress are bending over backward to be accommodating," rather than admission that the president is a conservative who agrees with the Republicans on most things), Professor K. hits upon a problem that was called out—and named—here just four months shy of five years ago... Equivalation: Read below the fold...

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Hullabaloo blogger's bottom line: what's really bad about Obama's anti-liberal policies is that he might lose the 2012 election

Or to paraphrase the old Catskills joke: The Obama presidency is terrible... and such small portions!

Read below the fold...

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Krugman: 0 day(s) without a category error

If one admitted that Obama is a conservative, one wouldn't keep writing such shallow-end fiction:
Read below the fold...


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