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Money flowing to get CISPA passed in Senate--Please post CISPA Watch info

According to this report from Salon posted on April 23rd, 200 IBM execs visited the White House and support for CISPA soared: Read below the fold...

Peter Orszag muddies the waters on Chained CPI to help Obama pass it

I'm assuming the attempt to rename Chained CPI as Superlative CPI didn't confuse the public enough, so now this.

So, Peter Orszag to the rescue of Obama and his beloved Chained CPI -- in an article in Bloomberg, Peter carefully muddies the waters by saying, well, maybe the CPI doesn't always come out very much lower than the one currently used. Ain't that great? Instead, just recently (how long did it last, Peter), the C-CPI was much closer to the regular CPI, and it might end up being only 2% less for SocSec recipients over 20 years. And increase tax bracket creep a tad more slowly. Read below the fold...

Barbara Garson on the Forty Year Recession Culminating in the Great Recession

Barbara Garson was interviewed on WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show about her new book, Down the Up Escalator: How the 99 Percent Live in the Great Recession, on April 2 this year. Audio is about 32 minutes, with substitute host Joe Pesca; no transcript. Read below the fold...

Obama WH sends out ever more leaden trial balloons, now for Medicare cuts/cost increases--

And, yes, those cuts will hurt, a lot and for many.

Tom Thumb's diary at FDL gives the rundown of old and new nightmares Obama wants to make real in America for its retirees. This time Medicare is in Barry's crosshairs, mostly replays from his 2011 desires for cost increases. Nice concise list to keep handy.

Bookmark, babeee! Most Obama supporters won't believe you until it's too late, probably, but maybe send it on to as many people as you can. Read below the fold...

Obama's Police State: DHS to make self-guided bullet available to local police?

The Department of Homeland Security maintains a website containing information about thousands of technologies state and local law enforcement, as well as DHS sub agencies, can purchase with federal dollars. The website advertises a wide variety of military, law enforcement and first responder technologies available to departments large and small -- boasting everything from spy drones and covert surveillance cameras to bio-chemical detectors and oxygen tanks for firefighters.

Another feature of that FEMA site is a page advertising technologies still in some stage of R&D, tools that will become available to agencies after they are commercialized. Among the developing technologies the Department of Homeland Security is keeping a close eye on is a four-inch long "Self-Guided Bullet" that can chase down a target more than a mile away, making "up to thirty corrections per second while in the air."

While developed by the government’s Sandia research laboratory for the military, DHS seems to think the magic bullet will come in handy at home, too. A law enforcement shield at the top right of the webpage listing the tool, shown in a screenshot from the FEMA website below, indicates that it is "Part of the Law Enforcement Focus Area."

Read below the fold...

Hey, Mittens! Only 3% of your 'job creators' are entrepreneurs! 9 more great numbers--

That fact is part of an intriguing piece I read in a post by Dakinikat over at Sky Dancing last weekend. Read below the fold...

Request for help, information, shared experiences -- about strokes.

[I'm leaving this sticky, for obvious reasons. Everybody's help is appreciated! UPDATE There are new posts beneath this post, CMike suggests I say. --lambert] Read below the fold...

Details, with devils in them, from Obama's proposed changes to Medicare/Medicaid

Reading this TNR bit last night giving some details about Obama's planned "small" changes to Medicare made me, well, downright wary -- and gave me such agita I had trouble getting to sleep. I kept trying to figure out how I could incorporate all these ncremental "changes," meaning increases in costs, into my somewhat stringent budget. And I wonder how much hell Democratic politicians will have to pay for these Obama proposals.

The New Republic has this explanation of cost-sharing changes: Read below the fold...

Obama's Infrastructure Bank--a new way to create "rents"

and funnel profits to private businesses who do work on public infrastructure. The devils are in the details....

Susie at Suburban Guerrilla posts an article from Reuter's Muniland blog which looks at the details, and it looks like tolls and other user fees will be a requirement for getting money to undertake infrastructure improvements made through Obama's American Infrastructure Financing Authority. (AIFA? I'll use Infrastructure Bank.) Read below the fold...

NewsHour series on income inequality and wealth (MAL)distribution

PBS's NewsHour had a two-part series last week on wealth distribution and income inequality, the first based primarily on the study done by Dan Ariely, a psychologist at Duke University, which asked people to name which of three pie charts showing three different wealth distributions best described the United States. The first had equal distribution of wealth between the five quintiles (a fantasy nation called Freedonia); the second showed a wealth distribution which is matched most closely by the distribution in Sweden; the third was the actual wealth distribution in the United States. Read below the fold...

USPS: Is Congress trying to destroy it? Or just its union?

Yesterday NPR's Tell Me More had a segment on the postal service, the planned closings, and the planned layoffs.

The following comments from the transcript (at link above) provide in a nutshell what has caused the current financial problems, how they could be remedied, and, alas, show perhaps a hidden agenda on the part of Congress in imposing this pension burden on the US Post Office. Union breaking, anyone? Oh, and the Post Office has been running a profit? Right through the current Great Recession and Jobs Depression. Read below the fold...

Glen Ford at BAR-- Ruin-Nation: The Obama Catastrophe

Glen Ford usually pulls no punches, but in this post the gloves off for sure:

Ruin-Nation: The Obama Catastrophe Read below the fold...

Reid names Baucus, Kerry, Murray to Committee of the Twelve Caesars

Question: Who will be the designated sell out to vote with Republicans? Or will two take the dive to give some cover to each other?

Developing, and House Dems still to be named.

Murray named by Reid to be co-chair of the Committee. Read below the fold...

Independent Pol Quote of the Day: Holy Joe--Cut SocSec to fund defense against Islamic terrists

Oh, hell, Holy Joe! You really do suck, big time.

LIEBERMAN: I want to indicate today to my colleagues that Senator Coburn and I are working again on a bipartisan proposal to secure Social Security over the long term, we hope to have that done in time. To also forward to the special committee for their consideration. So, bottom line, we can’t protect these entitlements and also have the national defense we need to protect us in a dangerous world while we’re at war with Islamist extremists who attacked us on 9/11 and will be for a long time to come. (My emphasis)

Read below the fold...

Britain after austerity: Verging on 1% growth/Obama wants to emulate that?

With Strauss-Kahn out of the way, the IMF seems to be returning to pure Austerianism, if this article, linked to by Suburban Guerrilla, is any indication, but with a soupcon of tax cuts and quantitative easing if the economy tanks. As it appears to be doing.

Households will be left £1,500 a year worse off for the next five years due to a combination of higher taxes and lower benefits introduced as part of the Government’s austerity drive, the International Monetary Fund warned yesterday.

Read below the fold...


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