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OSX to Linux?

So my MacBook isn't exactly new anymore. The hardware still works fine and it mostly does what I need it to do. But I can no longer upgrade the OS because the last several versions (including the ones that permit me to download apps) won't work on my hardware. And other software - like Firefox - can't be updated because it needs the later OSX to run. Now I'm not really sure I need the latest of any of these things, but it still sort of bugs me. As a result, I'm thinking about partitioning part of the hard drive and trying Linux. Read more about OSX to Linux?

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Household Remedies Request: Storing bikes, bike trailers, etc., outside

For reasons I won't go into, we have a plethora of bicycles, bike trailers and other metal, wheeled objects about our townhouse. The two newer, good bikes we want to keep indoors and already have a stand for that purpose, but I'm looking for how to store the other items outside in a way that will keep them from rusting or otherwise degrading. We have room for a small shed (wooden? rubbermaid?) on our back patio. Would this be sufficient protection? Read more about Household Remedies Request: Storing bikes, bike trailers, etc., outside

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Random Video Game Blogging: Favorite Main Quest

Stuck in a swing state where I'm inundated by television ads and candidates keep littering on my doorstep by leaving various pamphlets telling me to vote for this person or that person*, I've been playing even more video games than usual trying to ignore the fact that my only choices for Senate are George "Macaca" Allen and the Democrat running to his right, Tim Kaine. So anyway, I got bored and went back to Fallout 3. And I realized that of all the RPGs I've played in the last several years, it's main quest is my favorite. Why? Because bringing fresh water to a post-nuclear holocaust world is both just big enough to matter, but small enough to actually still be on a human scale. Read more about Random Video Game Blogging: Favorite Main Quest

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The Corrente Review Of Games: Volume II, Number 3 (English Edition)



The Corrente Review Of Games is published on the first Saturday of the month.
Posting is done in rotation by the following contributors:

BDBlue and

Read more about The Corrente Review Of Games: Volume II, Number 3 (English Edition)

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Obama Administration Signals It's Backing Banks over Homeowners (Again)

In what is absolutely no surprise, the Obama Administration is signaling that it's taking the banks' side in the foreclosure debacle - see here and here, which nicely mirrors the industry's shilling here.

Be sure to vote Democratic in November! Read more about Obama Administration Signals It's Backing Banks over Homeowners (Again)

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"They blew it up, just to be safe."

That pretty much describes American policy - foreign and domestic - in the 21st century. Read more about "They blew it up, just to be safe."

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Prop 8 Held Unconstitutional

See here, via Susie Madrak. Just the first round, of course, and I haven't had a chance to read the decision, but for those who want to comment on it, here's a place to do it. Read more about Prop 8 Held Unconstitutional

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Another thing I should be paying more attention to, but never seem to have the time. Clusterfuck fatigue, indeed, lambert.

Fortunately, Chris Floyd's got it covered. Read more about Honduras

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Why wouldn't people be more likely to identify with conservatism?


When liberals, defined by their awesome "progressive" leader, are for bank bailouts, more war, offshore drilling, economic policies that put deficit reduction over employment and destroying social security. If that's liberal, then who the hell wouldn't prefer to call themselves the polar opposite? Read more about Why wouldn't people be more likely to identify with conservatism?

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"[T]he United States of America has two standards: one for the regular people and one for big corporations."

Democracy Now! visited the Bayou to see first hand the damage BP has done (aided and abetted by its minions in the Bush and Obama Administrations and Congress). All of it is worth watching, but the interview with Dean Blanchard, owner of the largest shrimp business in the area is pure gold. Every word a gem, as lambert would say. An excerpt:

AMY GOODMAN: How much would you say you’ve lost so far?

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Catholic Church protects male privilege, couldn't care less about women's lives


Compare and contrast this:

The Vatican reports cited countless cases of nuns forced to have sex with priests. Some were obliged to take the pill, others became pregnant and were encouraged to have abortions. In one case in which an African sister was forced to have an abortion, she died during the operation and her aggressor led the funeral mass.

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Outsourced Blogging: Elena Kagan Edition

From Michael J. Smith:

We all of course remember how important it was to elect a Democrat a couple of years ago, for the sake of the Supreme Court. I haven't checked with Dailiy Kos on this one, but no doubt there are Cheerybles there ready to assure us that McCain would have certainly found somebody worse.

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An offer I could refuse

Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC offered me a framed photo of Obama signing health insurance bailout reform (along with a personalized letter from Barney Frank (D-Wall Street) that I didn't bother to read). Needless to say, the offer didn't inspire me to open up my checkbook for $50. Instead I scrawled "single payer" across it and sent it back. At DCCC expense, of course.

It's the best I've felt when thinking about the Democrats in at least two years. Read more about An offer I could refuse

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"A War Crime in My Living Room"

I don't have much to say about the underlying issues in this post, but I wanted to share it because it's beautifully written and gives us all much to think about. Not the least of which is that we have no idea what is and isn't true about all kinds of things in our world.

The Crow's Eye has become one of my favorite small blogs. Beautiful, thoughtful writing. Read more about "A War Crime in My Living Room"


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