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George Kennan prototype American monster.

"Is it not clear that as long as capitalist encirclement exists there will be wreckers, spies, diversionists and murderers in our country sent behind our lines by the agents of foreign states?"

Joseph Stalin, 1937

“USSR still lives in antagonistic capitalist encirclement with which in the long run there can be no permanent peaceful coexistence.”

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That Bernie sensation

Let's at least acknowledge what an affront to a true revolutionary movement the "Sandernista" blip was. The "Sandinista" overthrew a US puppet. Their name honors Cesar Sandino, who fought the U.S. military occupation of Nicaragua and was murdered in 1934 by Anastasio Somoza with the backing of the US Ambassador. Read more about That Bernie sensation

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Call the Midwife

Bursaries for student nurses will end in 2017, government confirms
the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said the changes were unfair and risky, while the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) argued that the move threatened the future of maternity services in England.

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You Say You Want a Revolution

Incomes declining or stagnant for the vast majority in “rich” countries
"The impact [of declining earning power for large swaths of the population] could be more than purely economic if the disconnect between GDP growth and income growth persists.” In the cautious bureaucratic jargon of the McKinsey researchers, “more than purely economic” carries a freight load of meaning: it signifies the recognition by this think tank that the deterioration of working-class living standards has revolutionary implications.

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Reflections on tragedy

I just read that three students from the University California at Berkeley were among the injured in the terror attack yesterday. One UC student is still missing. Students from around the world convened in Nice for a three-week seminar on how to rise to the top as high-tech entrepreneurs. The video below capture some of the intensity that is present in this conclave of today's best and brightest. Yet, is the world they envision really going to be a better place? And for whom? Read more about Reflections on tragedy

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Class war

As police gear up to employ drones and bombs against suspects in America without due process, we need to broaden our rage beyond race and realize they're there as a tool of the oppressors. And all of us on the bottom need to push back if anything is to change.

As Northern cities grew and filled with mostly immigrant wage workers who were physically and socially separated from the ruling class, the wealthy elite who ran the various municipal governments hired hundreds and then thousands of armed men to impose order on the new working class neighborhoods

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Any way we can stop denigrating Ralph Nader as a scapegoat for the epic failures of centrist democrats?

[If Ralph Nader hadn't written 'Unsafe at any Speed,' thus becoming the most effective consumer advocate ever] "…there would have been no protracted recount spectacle and no Supreme Court involvement."

And if Rosa Parks just sat in the back of the goddamn bus… Read more about Any way we can stop denigrating Ralph Nader as a scapegoat for the epic failures of centrist democrats?

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American "progressives" don't mince words about where their allegiance lies

If a bunch of nostalgic/resentful/racist oldsters vote Britain out of the EU, they'll be forcing their bitterness on a generation that doesn't want it. The truth is that Brexit will barely affect older voters either way: they mostly don't work and they mostly have only local friendships.

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Wherein I attempt to define neoliberalism

Neoliberalism's goal is the formation of a supranational corporate totalitarian system, with an espoused "intense faith in the spontaneous responses of the market"1 to better the lot of the common man. Machiavellian in their conspicuous doling out of crumbs to wage slaves who are expressly excluded from any linkage of their needs/labors to the fruit of their labors. Its evangelists extol the virtues of entrepreneurship as the only vehicle for individuals to become participants in the upside of Neoliberal capitalism. Read more about Wherein I attempt to define neoliberalism

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I Miss Vastleft Here

He Tweets:

vastleft (@vastleft)
3/12/16, 7:00 AM
Seeing a lot of "yay, people I hate didn't get to speak" stuff. What could possibly go wrong with this agenda?

Great minds think, and freely speak, alike:

Plea for Free Speech - Frederick Douglass

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To Hell in a hand basket in the Lexus Lane

Congestion pricing is the latest attack onthe commons.

The success of congestion pricing, and the neoliberal agenda more broadly, are predicated upon American citizens embracing the idea that access to rights, government services, and the protections owed citizens, should be granted in proportion to each individual’s ability and willingness to pay

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Speaking the Lingo

Twice recently I've been made privy to a belief held by some descendants of European immigrants; it seems that they believe that their ancestors were ethically superior to current immigrants. Their guideline is the speed at which these ancestors supposedly acquired English language skills. I researched this claim and found that it's not generally accurate. When opinions expressed tend to further marginalize people already on the margins of society, I think there's a responsibility to speak up. Read more about Speaking the Lingo

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Maybe one reason that a Corbyn can lead a party in Britain

The LABOR Party- Corbyn appears to have stoked the embers of what it once was.

Below a link -Interesting article historically.- If you can dodge your way through the references to internecine Communist grudges (Trotsky v. Stalin.)

The UAW and the Democratic Party - World Socialist Web Site
"...the US labor movement, virtually alone in the world, had never built a political party of its own."

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'The debates' are a game show- the winner gets to preside over our continued servitude

Corporate media, trying to keep a straight face, slips:

"Welcome to the first US presidential primary debate - the first round in the longest electoral game show in the world." -BBC

Chris Hedges spells out what's at work here: Read more about 'The debates' are a game show- the winner gets to preside over our continued servitude

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A Commie critique of Bernie

Bernie for America at this point is like ordering new windshield wipers for a sinking Titanic: we gotta throw the 1% outta the lifeboats! Read more about A Commie critique of Bernie


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