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The First Thing Obama Needs to do is . . . Release the Sparkle Ponies!

Like some yoga exercises that look ridiculous but make you feel better, the little game of "The First Thing Obama Needs to do" seems to serve some purpose for some people, but what could it be?

This was an off the cuff comment I tried to submit at Firedoglake, but they censored it, so I developed it a little bit more and have made it a diary, both here and over at the Seminal

Is it the kind of idle fantasizing people do after buying a lottery ticket . . . "the First Thing I would do with $78 million is..." Read below the fold...

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What if you were voting about who to release from prison?


what if you were voting about who to release from prison?

you have a bunch of candidates who are making their case as to why they should be released. the top 2 are both rich charismatic psychopaths, unrepentant and boastful murderers, in denial about the crimes they have been privy to, and openly promising to kill more people around the world if they should be elected to be released.

way down the list there are some prisoners who maintain their innocence from past crimes, and who promise to live righteously and to strive to help people should they be fortunate enough to be given that opportunity. Read below the fold...

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Break the last arrows in their quiver

What will Democrats run on in 2010 and 2012? They can't credibly run on their record, so they will have to run on how eeeevil and scaaaary the Republicans are.

Coincidentally, a favorite subject of (D) captured 'progressive' sites like FDL, where Blue Texan went with "New Harris Poll Finds Nearly One Fourth of Republicans Believe Obama May Be the Antichrist" Read below the fold...

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