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Why is saying that the DLC is still in charge taboo?

I've been banned from a few political blogs and forums in my day, mostly from right-wing ones on which the site owners pretend to be liberal, but by their words and their actions reveal their utter devotion to defending all that is right-wing — be it in the form of enforcing false civility to protect scum who call us terrorists ad communists from getting their non-existent feelings hurt, or by defending policies implemented by Obama but which these same people denounced when done by Bush-Cheney. These include FireDogLake, Daily Kos, Smirking Chimp, Liberal Forum, On the Left, and Open Left. Read below the fold...

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The Obama Primary Challenge That Is's news editor, Steve Kornacki, lamented yesterday that "Obama won’t face a credible primary challenge", going on about how the closest thing to a liberal challenge he has comes from Republican candidate Buddy Roemer. While it is true that many liberals aren't seeing any "viable" candidates materialize on the left, Kornacki isn't telling us why that is: the failure of supposedly liberal pundits to report on candidates who are actually running. Read below the fold...

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Missing the Point of Ohio's Referendum

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Ohio Voters Reject Senate Bill 5, Obamacare; Mississippi Defeats Anti-Abortion Amendment

Ohio voters last night voted overwhelmingly against both Republican and Democrat corporate-favoring policies in a referendum. Senate Bill 5, passed by the Republican-dominated legislature and signed into law by Republican governor John Kasich, was shot down by sixty-one percent, too large a margin for the GOP to rig the vote count in its favor. Read below the fold...

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Obamabots On the Attack

On the Open Salon version of my previous entry, some right-winger who supports Obama kept trying to lay the blame for next year's results on the left for failing to properly support the candidate who has done far more to pass the Republicans' agenda than any GOP office-holder could have.
Read below the fold...

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FDL Update: Entries Restored, Comments Still Disappeared

My last entry at FDL, which is the last because I've been banned, has been restored to visibility. As I pointed out in my previous entry, my account and diaries were flagged as spam and hidden from view. Read below the fold...

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What Is Morality?

Note: I originally posted a version of this at, only to see it flagged as spam and my account deactivated. I guess certain persons don't like having their lack of any moral foundation challenged. Oh well. Read below the fold...

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Given the Rusty treatment: Banned from FDL

Cross-posted from

Earlier today I posted a diary at FDL in what was a continuation of an argument on morality in politics. A few minutes ago I responded to a comment in another thread only to find that the comment in question was hidden pending moderator approval, a sure sign that I've been banned. And just as was done to Rusty1776, my entire account has been designated as spam and my entries hidden from view. Read below the fold...

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It is Immoral Not to Challenge Obama and the Democrats in 2012

I seem to recall that someone, late last month, posted an entry arguing that it is immoral for Democrats not to run a primary challenge against Barry Obama in 2012, in light of the things he's done to institutionalize Bush-Cheney crimes. (Glenn Greenwald chronicled the latest violation of the Constitution by Obama on his own blog, which you can read here). Read below the fold...

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Help Draft Candidates for 2012!

2010 is nearly over, and the fight for the presidency in 2012 is beginning to take shape. Corporate Democrat Barry Obama has not merely disappointed the public, nor has he merely failed to accomplish progressive goals. He has, in fact, deliberately and stubbornly refused to even try to accomplish progressive goals, opting instead to continue and expand on the fascist, totalitarian policies of his predecessor and ideological brothers, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Read below the fold...

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Dennis Spisak interview rescheduled for October 26, 2010 at 7PM Eastern Time

A downed phone line prevented Dennis Spisak from calling in, so tomorrow evening is going to be the interview that should have taken place on Saturday. Having been there before, all I can say is, “Yikes!”

Anyway, here’s the info for tomorrow night’s show.

1 (347) 884-9121 Read below the fold...


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