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Yes, Republicans Are Assholes, But I Can't Support The Payroll Tax Holiday...


There is no question that the Teabagged Republicans are intransigent assholes, but I cannot get my head around Democrats, Liberals and Progressives rallying around the de-funding of Social Security with this Payroll Tax Holiday.

Attaching it to the very needed Unemployment Insurance extension, and Medicare re-imbursement authorization was a recipe for disaster in the first place, with this gaggle of evil clowns controlling the House.

Here is the actual House Bill: via Read more about Yes, Republicans Are Assholes, But I Can't Support The Payroll Tax Holiday...

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We Will Not Be Co-Opted!

Do, PLEASE, spread this far and wide!

via Occupy Memphis

When any movement gains momentum, some in power seek to discredit it and some jump on the bandwagon. Division is the greatest tactic of the naysayers.

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Dems Seek ’12 Gain in Wall Street Protest Energy...

Good luck with that.

via Bloomberg News

Democrats are rallying around the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, seeking to channel the movement’s energy into votes in the 2012 elections by sharpening contrasts with Republicans who criticize the protests.

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The Message Made Easy, So Even The Media Can Understand It...

Lambert didn't like this. It's his joint, so it is gone. So let's try THIS:

The message is clear: Get Corporations out of Government, get their money out of Politics, remove Corporate Personhood, and reinstate Glass-Steagall to separate risky investment arms from the Savings and Loan bases of banks. Let the Failed "Banks" FAIL, by forcing Mark to MARKET, instead of the fantasy Mark-to-Model paradigm that has allowed this mess to continue. Read more about The Message Made Easy, So Even The Media Can Understand It...

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Fuck Steve Jobs...


No Willed endowments for the Poor, the Middle or Working Class, No nothing for anyone "down here," nothing for the Arts?

via Bloomberg

Jobs’s net worth was at least $6.7 billion as of Sept. 6, according to Bloomberg estimates.

Fuck him. Just another Rich piece of shit Technocrat out for his own.

I hope his family has some scruples and some care.

I suspect that we'll see his family on FOX News whining about Taxes on "Jobs Creators" being unfair before too long.

Yes-- pun intended, but Steve Jobs took too many Liberals for a hard ride in his black turtleneck. Read more about Fuck Steve Jobs...

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Citi's Plutonomy Memos..

Read 'em and just smell their contempt for us, down here. Grab them while they last.

Part One

Part Two Read more about Citi's Plutonomy Memos..

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The Occupied Wall Street Journal...

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Made some Kimchi today. It is really simple, and like any lacto-fermented product, it is very, very good for you... Especially this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere! Cheap simple, and versatile!

I didn't follow a specific recipe, as every recipe I found seemed to differ on a few small details, so I blended several of the best recipes I could find. Here's what I did:

1-- head of Napa Cabbage
1-- bunch of Bok Choy
1-- full bud of Garlic, finely chopped
2-- Carrots, quarter, and chop into 1" chunks (optional)
1--(2-inch) piece of ginger root
1-- heaping tsp of sugar
1/4 cup fish sauce or Korean salted shrimp
1-- small Daikon Radish, peeled and grated
1-- bunch of green onions, cut into 1-inch lengths Read more about Kimchi

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That's It. Our Country Is Finished. The Banksters Have Won.

Long-time readers of my own blog will know that I follow the GEAB pretty closely, because the LEAP 2020 people have not been wrong in all the time that I have known of the group (since 2006). This edition of their newsletter is especially pointed, and worrisome. Please take the time to read it all.

via LEAP 2020 Read more about That's It. Our Country Is Finished. The Banksters Have Won.

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White House Open For Comments On The "Helping Banksters Steal Homes Bill"...


>A shitty Republican Bill passed with Unanimous Consent. It MUST be stopped.

via Zero Hedge

Bill H.R. 3808, the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2010, which was discussed yesterday, and which according to both Reuters and the NYT may have a material impact on mitigating the impact of the High Freq Signing scandal, at least on the servicers, is now open for public comments at the white house.

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Three-Day Salt Brine Pickles...

I had a pile of Cucumbers leftover from yesterday's pickling extravaganza, so I made some Crock Pickles. Some call them "Three-Day Pickles," I call them "About A Day-And-A-Half Pickles," as I can't wait three days, and they taste great after only 36-hours. They are SO colorful, crispy, and spicy... DAMN, this is the BEST time of year!

Here's the very simple recipe: Read more about Three-Day Salt Brine Pickles...

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Mosquito Bite Trick...


I just came in from the gardens, and have a few mosquito bites.

Here is THE trick for getting rid of the itch-- and indeed, the welt quickly.

Wet your finger with a good amount of your own saliva, and rub it into the bite. Let it air dry. You might have to do it two or three times over a ten-minute period.

Your own saliva neutralizes the mosquito's saliva (that's what makes the itch), and the whole schmear-- itch and welt-- will be gone within 20-minutes or so. You'll notice the relief pretty quickly. I was amazed the first time I was taught this. Read more about Mosquito Bite Trick...

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Oil Fail: My Little Experiment...

I have this bucket that I fill with water for hand watering small fruits and other things in my yard. Tuesday, I still had a gallon or two of water in it when I was done. I just left it in there. Thursday, I came home, and was getting ready to re-fill it, when I noticed the rainbow sheen of oil.

I dumped out the water, cleaned it out with dish detergent, rinsed it thoroughly, re-filled it, did my watering, and purposefully re-filled it with a couple of gallons of fresh water. Last night, I made sure there was no oily sheen there. Read more about Oil Fail: My Little Experiment...


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