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Ferguson open thread

Looks like somebody told Obama the score. opens at midnight on the day of the government shutdown and lambert finds a bug

[And if you have your own experiences to share, and especially screen dumps, please add them in comments or contact me. Either Federal Exchanges, or state exchanges. I'm especially interested in Covered California! Thank you! --lambert]

Nice timing. from Maine had a registration #FAIL at step 3. Here's the screen dump:

Read below the fold...



Optionally specify an alternative URL by which this node can be accessed. For example, type "about" when writing an about page. Use a relative path and don't add a trailing slash or the URL alias won't work. Read below the fold...

"Nation Doesn’t Know If It Can Take Another Bullshit Speech About Healing"

As usual, The Onion is pitch perfect:

“I honestly don’t know if I’m physically capable of listening to another community leader recite the same unbearable garbage about how it’s time for an open and honest dialogue. I swear to God, if I hear even one goddamn person assert there’s more that unites us than divides us, I will immediately blow my brains out.”

Then again, Obama didn't give that speech. Snippets because the White House transcript seems not to be up yet:: Read below the fold...

Tweet of the day

Quotes on the Soul


“Walking was not fast enough so we ran. Running was not fast enough, so we galloped. Galloping was not fast enough, so we sailed. Sailing was not fast enough, so we rolled merrily along on long metal tracks. Long metal tracks were not fast enough, so we drove. Driving was not fast enough, so we flew. Read below the fold...

Why I hate those stupid V-for-Vendetta masks

There's a Ferguson verdict, but nobody knows what it is.

Obama's Ferguson rhetoric on "who we are"

In the garden: Autumn's dull palette

Dull, I suppose, if one's spectrum is over-broad and not subtle enough. Many, many subtle shades of green and brown, as plant matter progresses into soil; and many lovely shapes as stems and leaves bow to the ground and then collapse flat. (Perhaps the tapestry effect I keep mentioning is, er, organic: The plants really are flattening onto a plane, from three -- and four, taking wind and sun into account -- dimensions into two; and the colors really are more sober, in the way that color dyed into fabric can never be as vivid as a jewel or a blossom, which reflect light, or allow light to pass through them. Read below the fold...

In the garden: After the cold snap

Here's my desk with a paperweight:

I left the desk out last year, and the cheesy particle board or whatever top began to rot, and so it attracted wasps seeking cellulose to build their nests; I could hear them chewing away! So, that is a novel strategy for pollinator attraction, and I'm anxious to see if it works in the coming year. Read below the fold...

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Prosecutorial Discretion: Plenty for Me; But None for Thee

Republican “strategists,” Party functionaries, and Congresspeople, are saying, with considerable emotion and rage, that the President's Executive Order allowing undocumented immigrants goes beyond presidential authority under the Constitution in the areas of law enforcement and prosecutorial discretion, claiming that he must enforce the law without bias, in a manner consistent with his oath to uphold the Constitution. They've made similar claims in relation to his decision to delay for one year the requirement that employers with over 50 employees provide health care coverage or pay penalties, and have now gone to court to get relief from this “horrible” action relieving the financial burden on one of the Republicans supposed favorite constituencies, non-small businesses.

On the other hand, the President's unwillingness to investigate, prosecute and seek convictions against: Read below the fold...

In the garden: Design challenge: Attracting birds

I have labelled the area of interest "1."

Area 1 gets partial morning sun (trees are in the way) and partial late afternoon sun (peeking round a building). There's more of it outside the photo, in the direction of the "Etc." arrow.

The challenge: I would like to attract more birds to my area. And I remember Nipper's Dad saying that "birds like a mess," and places to nest. So here are my thoughts on how to get to that point. Read below the fold...

Common Household Remedies Request

UPDATE Sorry for any brief randomness. More server tuning.

UPDATE Now you can admire my new foam; I went in and fixed the permissions.

Actually, I would like you to admire my new foam. That is, I would have, if the process of rescuing the many images that were almost lost during the server repair had not somehow interfered with the permissions on my files directory so I can't upload the image. Snarl. Read below the fold...

Well, it looks like the site is finally stable....

... so if I have any readers left at this point, please feel free to post and comment. And if the site acts weird, clear your cache and cookies, because after all the crashes, they are probably not in good shape. Read below the fold...


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