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CNN has a story up about a soldier who killed himself after unsuccessful attempts to quit his slot machine habit...a habit he picked up with the aid of the military. Welcome to Support the Troops Central: risk the lives of soldiers so multinationals can control Middle Eastern oil and gas, and then take those same soldiers' money in the bargain via military slot machines.

Hey, Joe, you play me real good. Pull my arm. I will love you long time now.


A bill in Congress seeks to eliminate military slot machines overseas that take in $130 million a year, mostly from soldiers.

Aaron Walsh's addiction to military slot machines ruined his Army career and led to his suicide.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Lincoln Davis, D-Tennessee, named the bill after Army Warrant Officer Aaron Walsh, a decorated Apache helicopter pilot who became addicted to gambling on military slot machines.

Walsh eventually was discharged from the Army. He committed suicide after several failed attempts to break his addiction.

The Defense Department uses slot machine revenues to pay a small portion of its morale, welfare and recreation programs.

Support the Troops? In order for the troops to get revenue for recreation programs we institute gambling on army bases? How much disgust is too much? One billion trillion gadzooksquintillian pounds of disgust?

In a statement released by the Pentagon earlier this year, Undersecretary of Defense Leslye Arsht said gambling on bases and posts provides "a controlled alternative to unmonitored host-nation gambling venues and offers a higher payment percentage, making it more entertainment oriented than that found at typical casinos."

"a controlled alternative to unmonitored host-nation gambling..."

What happens in the military stays in the military?


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Dear god...this is such a BAD idea on so my levels.

1. PTSD, which tends to be running a little high in the ranks today, can trigger all manner of OBSESSIVE behavior, including problem gambling.

2. Untreated other forms of mental illness can fuel problem gambling. Since the military tends to classify folks with mental illness as wuss's....

3. Making a PROFIT on people who risk life and limb for the US?

Disgusting. Support the troops? Yeah, right, you bet.

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Stress relief, fine -- pull the handle, money spills out, call Doctor Freud, all good.

But the house always wins! You'd think that they'd make the troops whole when the gambling is done, but n-o-o-o-o-o-o. Every time I turn around there's yet another incredibly degrading little detail.

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