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#BlackLivesMatter sprayed on Confederate statue in Charleston

Post and Courier:

A statue near The Battery memorializing Confederate defenders was found vandalized Sunday with the message “Black lives matter.”

Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch received a call just after 12:30 p.m. informing them of the spray-painted damage to the allegorical monument, “To the Confederate Defenders of Charleston — Fort Sumter,” placed by The United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Two signs were placed on the tarp after the graffiti was covered up. One said “All lives matter #charlestonunited,” and the other said “Take down racist statues.”

The statue caused quite the spectacle downtown Sunday as several individuals began arguing about the Confederate flag. Zachary Gaither of Charleston helped to cover the graffiti on the statue and said he did not associate the flag with racism.

Well, some might not share that view. To say the least..

“I was covering up something that was demoting our city,” [Zachary Gaither of Charleston] said of the graffiti, adding, “the Confederate flag is a southern heritage of pride to me.”

I will never understand this argument. Kent State (Ohio) or the Haymarket Massacre (Illinois) or the Sacco and Vanzetti case (Massachusetts) aren't a point of pride to me -- not to mention the whole Native American genocide thing -- even though they're definitely all part of my heritage, so why would this guy feel pride in the heritage of a war fought to preserve the vile institution of slavery?

Madea Benjamin [sic] or [sic]Washington D.C., who appeared to be with Berry, put up the sign encouraging the statue to be taken down. She said she had stayed with friends while in town who were proponents of taking down symbols of racism.

“It’s important for this state to say, we don’t support white supremacy, we don’t promote pro-hatred groups or symbols,” she said.

It is unknown when the graffiti will be removed from the statue.

Interestingly, I think the Post and Courier reporter must not know who Medea Benjamin is. My own personal view is that the best approach would be to get a bolt cutter, rent a bucket loader, then drive the loader over to that flag pole and get up there and cut the Confederate battle flag down. Then again, I'm not on the ground in Charleston, so my view of what's tactically appropriate is worth about as much as.... Medea Benjamin's.

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I've got to say the whole controversy fills me with both awe, at the #BlackLivesMatter effort, but also with dread. The best way to divide the 80% is to get them fighting over real injustices, while not addressing them. (It's the flip side of Obot's playing the racist card 30 seconds into a conversation with non-Obama supporters; taking the deepest, most mortal sin of the American body politic and using it for cheap snark and putdowns.) I don't have an answer for this "crabs in a bucket" problem.

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again could be a false flag thingy to do just what you said to keep each group at each others throats so they stay blind to the real problems. I would say this is mostly whites in the south who can't/won't see the same machine that has rolled over the Blacks is rolling over everyone no matter of color.

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(which I also think is a pernicious concept because there are no boundaries to its application.)

It's a real flag that has the same effect as a false one. (In other words, it shows that the stakes have been raised, somehow.)