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The Black Tide

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The black tide laps
At snow-white shores
Where bird and beast
Shall play no more

The turtles swam
And dolphins danced
A sea of black
Left them no chance

The marshes filled
As gators toiled
Their skin and swamp
Now soaked in oil

The shorebirds gone
Their songs now lost
Man reaped reward
At nature’s cost

The broken hearts
And tear-filled eyes
Of those who warned
Watch great demise

The cries of risk
They would not heed
Yet here we stand
And watch Earth bleed

The lies they told
Were bought by some
The truth is out
And damage done

The black tide flows
Like none before
A death tolled wake
From shore to shore
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Submitted by lambert on

Well sung.

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Submitted by The Mayberry Lane on

Yes, mine... I do not usually share this type of writing, but I am so saddened, hurt, angry, and exasperated by the Gulf Oil Spill.

The inevitable ecological impact is unspeakable. My only hope is that somehow our entire food chain remains intact.

But selfishly, that's not what inspired this poem.

For years, I've had a standing Saturday date to go to a little known beach in my area... to think it may be destroyed soon leaves me feeling as if I'm mourning a terminally ill loved one. I know it will happen... but when... how much time do I have left...

So sad...

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Submitted by a little night ... on

I am coming on this late, but you have expressed so much that I feel in so elegant a form. Thanks for posting this.