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Bill O'Reilly's Low Hanging Fruit Stand

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And the winner for the biggest fucking Freudian-slipping, preternaturally racist idiot in America is...Bill O'Reilly!

Maybe if Jesus was running for president, and someone suggested he had thrown a conniption fit at the market, O'Reilly would have said 'well, I wouldn't crucify him until all the facts were in...' and then he'd be off to Home Depot for nails and wood.

I humbly suggest that O'Reilly...never mind.


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Submitted by DCblogger on

seems to me that this is the sort of thing that might cost NewsCorp its broadcast license.

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Submitted by flotsam on

... but it seems like this is a sort of Imus moment. Gasbag opens mouth, inserts big foot, makes racist comment...results in some sort of apology/retribution? Oh wait. This is standard fare for Faux News. Nevermind.

Submitted by cg.eye on

of rabid Obama and Clinton flamers could be unleashed?

Where, instead of progressive blogs, they could do the most good?

There! There he is! Go get 'em!

If we thus observe a dead silence from all the short-timers, freelance slanderers and bad-time stooges, and if they let O'Reilly do one more slam on the Democratic cause without consequence, with no effort on their part similar to their swarm on a site... well then, we'll know who they're working for, won't we?