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Bill O'Reilly Unveils New Line of Neckties

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A casual elegance, appropriate for both day and evening wear...


AUTHOR'S NOTE: What had been in this space (now occupied by my updated comment) was an image of an African American who had been lynched--he was seen hanging from a rope. At least one reader wrote in to Lambert to complain about the image. My position was that we need to see reality if we are to confront reality--no disrespect to the dead or the living. To not face what is hard and difficult is a path of denial, a path that leads us nowhere. Anyway, Photobucket removed the image, and as usual without any explanation. mjs--9/2/09

Tat tvam asi.

Uh-oh! I guess someone wasn't proud of America!


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Bill-o's earned that one fair and square.