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Bill Clinton blames voters for not voting for Obama on "the economy," calls them stupid and childish

Here's the full quote:

"This shouldn't be a race," [Bill] Clinton said. "The only reason it is, is because Americans are impatient on things not made before yesterday and they don't understand why the economy* is not totally hunky-dory again."

Shorter Clinton: Who ya gonna believe? Me, or your lyin eyes?

Classic Democratic tropes:

1. Voters are stupid; D operatives are smart. ("They don't understand").

2. Voters are childish; D operatives are adult ("impatient on things").

Anybody who's been out in the trenches dealing with Obama supporters, fans, and operatives will encounter these tropes over and over again. (And if they don't work, "you're a racist" gets deployed.)

NOTE * Whenever you hear "the economy," ask "whose economy"?

NOTE The Big Dog has never been a politician who causes the word "clean" to spring to mind. But everybody, without exception, who associates with Obama comes away soiled and corrupted and worse off for the experience (except perhaps financially). Here is a fine example of that process.

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Submitted by Roman Berry on

"...and they don't understand why the economy is not totally hunky-dory again."

Oh, I dunno. Maybe some understand more than you think, Bill. Maybe they understand that Obama's economic policies are much like your policies and give special treatment and deference to money and power at the expense of the rest of us. Maybe they understand that so-called "free trade" deals are a bill of goods for the masses and a favor to that money and power. Maybe they understand it was you who helped push for the repeal of Glass-Steagall (so that the illegal Citi-Travelers merger could be made legal, and so your pal Bob Rubin could line his pockets as soon as he left your admin) and hailed its passage, assuring us that the results would bring great benefits to us all. Maybe they understand that Obama, like you, believes that the masses need to let go of the gains of the past and grovel our way towards the future. Maybe they understand that when choosing between the two major party candidates a voter isn't facing so much a choice as a dilemma, the dilemma being that the two parties are headed towards the same unacceptable destination and the only real choice being whether to take the express or the route that has a few layovers and scenic views along the way.

Go away, Bill. Go away. And take Obama with you.

Jill Stein (or Gary Johnson or Rockey Anderson or anyone but one of the major party representatives of the status quo), 2012.

Submitted by YesMaybe on

This shouldn't be a race. Given Obama's dismal record, it should've been a blowout. The only reason it's competitive is a perfect storm of complete douchebaggery among the GOP candidates and Obama's having managed to co-opt conservative positions to such an extent that there's practically no room to criticize him from the right (at least not the mainstream republican right--of course someone like Ron Paul could).

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Submitted by goldberry on

1) Bill Clinton is a party loyalist. He believes in the party in a way that Obama does not so he has to try to get thru to voters in any way he can.
2) Bill Clinton is becoming socially distant. I think too many businessmen have his ear and not enough regular people. I say this because the STEM professions myth seems to be running pretty strong and he seems to believe it even though I can prove it's not true. There's no benefit to perpetuating this myth for either the professionals or the corporations who they used to work for and it sure as hell isn't going to do the public any good so I blame his belief in the fact that his crowd is no longer diverse.
But I don't think the Big Dawg had any illusions about Obama. Saying that the Republicans are obstructing is the truth, if far from the only truth. No one in the party can say that Clinton didn't do everything he could to get Obama elected. So if he loses, Clinton might have more of a say in how the party gets run afterwards.

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

And Ellsberg and Baker and Bill fletcher and The Nation editorial staff. Go away. I am not crazy or childish or full of rage or unrealistic. I believe in economic equality. That is true freedom. A necessitous man is not a free man. I will not be scolded or lectured. I will not be managed. Go away.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

these are the words of someone who is frustrated, not a winner. Clearly things are not looking good for Obama.

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Submitted by goldberry on

It's not like Bill to come down on voters. But look at what he's got to work with. I'd be frustrated too.
If Obama pulls this off it will be a nail biter. And then Clinton will have every reason to be angry. Obama's backers ended his wife's political career and Obama himself is not much of a Democrat.
There's only so much you should be expected to sacrifice for your party.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

has it figured out:

"I conclude that Obama never wanted to be president, that is, he never wanted to do the work, master the details, understand the mechanics of the overwhelming complexities of a massive, constantly metastasizing State. Yes, he wanted to have the title "President" and enjoy the power and prestige that accompanies it (to say nothing of the fact that he and his family are now set for life at the pinnacle of the ruling class). But he never wanted to be president because there were certain policies to which he was passionately committed and wanted to put into action. He wants to be called "Mr. President"; leave the dull, wearisome duties of office to the underlings. That's what underlings are for. We might regard him as the most frighteningly complete narcissist we are likely to see, as well as perhaps the most complete solipsist. There are no policies beyond himself that he deeply cares about; there is nothing beyond himself at all. Outside of himself and his own power, he believes nothing."

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Submitted by Blizzard on

The time for the 'Rats to ask my vote is long gone. It passed sometime while they were bailing out Wall Street, selling Americans out to the health insurance racket, and murdering innocent people across the world.

If they do want to ask for it now, the way to do so definitely is not their recycled-for-the-umpteenth-time, Democrat-brand horseshit. Do these people and their hordes of well-paid shills *ever* come up with new ideas, or even new ways of expressing the old ones?

They can all go fuck themselves.

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Submitted by peterward on

He's right. They shouldn't blame Obama. They should blame Clinton. Apart from social security, Clinton effectively completed what Reagan started. Obama for his part has mostly just gone along with extant policies (as did Bush II, not withstanding his tax cut); it was Billy Boy who really brought these policies to life.

Submitted by jawbone on

Damn it, Bill Clinton, how could you do this? Say this?

Does all that money just make people too damn selfish and self-satisfied to care about those who don't have the same type of money?


Submitted by cg.eye on

The falling on her sword about the Libyan embassy attack was ominous, especially when the President leaped upon her example to say, during the debate, "The Buck Stops Here" without, really, saying that, or taking tangible responsibility for the decreased security, which I assume was a military decision under his watch.

It makes sense that Obama threatened her with a forced resignation as soon as practicable, and Bill got his marching orders, to protect both her and his political legacy. Honor has little to do with it, anymore.

If Mr. Bill can go so far to alienate the populace he loves to have loving him, then truly the campaign's in dire straits. Saying that populace is too dumb now to believe the recovery lies, when they were perfectly smart and patient enough to grasp the wonky details during his DNC speech? Not politically astute or consistent -- and we know, more than anyone on Obama's staff, that he has an intuitive grasp on such strategies. Playing the Low Information Voter card truly points out how the bloom is off the post-convention rose.