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Big Paulie: "Capitalism will survive." Oh, that's on the table now?

Remarkable that Volcker has to say it, no? Maybe since Tiny Timmy and Larry cut off his access tp Obama, he's pissed. Who knows? Anyhow, listen to the whole video; it's quite remarkable. Or not.

Well, I'm so pleased. But you know? I'm more worried about whether we the people will survive. Basic stuff, like shelter, food, fuel, health care. Hey, maybe even a job! I really don't give a shit, at this point, whether "capitalism" "survives"*. That's pretty far away, right now.

In particular, I don't give a shit whether Tim Geithner and his golfing buddies survive.

NOTE * Though it would be nice if the "creative class" [cough] got its shit together and figured out they can't make right wing populism go away by sneering at Sarah Palin's special needs baby. The stupid, it really does burn.

NOTE Via Calculated Risk.

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Wow, what an incredibly amazing prediction. I wish I such prophetic visions.