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The Big O to voters: "You didn't go and make me do it!"

Mild-mannered Mark Thoma:

Michael Perelman is puzzled by the administration's attempt to blame environmentalists for the failure of climate change legislation:

 Politico reports that the Obama folk blame the Greens for the failure of its energy bill because it was THEIR responsibility to lobby... 

The leadership from the administration on climate change has been about as effective as its leadership on additional stimulus and job creation. At least they aren't blaming the unemployed for their failure to lobby effectively for a jobs bill. It's not possible to give the administration a passing grade for effort in either case, let alone for results.


Of course, it's a mistake to think that The Big O isn't exercising leadership. He's just leading us toward a world with a permanently "differently employed" underclass and oceans that may rise, but not enough to threaten the uber-rich in their gated mountain redoubts. That has actually taken quite a bit of effort -- especially from career "progressives," who've obfuscated this process every step of the way -- but the results are now becoming clear.

NOTE Thoma's headline:

Why is the Obama Administration Blaming Environmentalists for Its Failures?

Simple answers to simple questions... Readers?

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Submitted by madamab on

That BP used the same argument to Congress about the MMS not making them build a well that was structurally sound?

I think not.

Although the MMS is not a victim, it's part of the same idea Obama is pushing. Those who do bad things are never to blame.

As for Obama, the idea is that we blame the victims in America now, for not somehow stopping their victimization by forces more powerful than they are. This argument is doubly toxic: it both lets the perpetrators off the hook, and kills empathy for the victims.

In my frame of FDR and Reagan fighting for America's soul, this is pure Reaganism all the way.

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...that the Greens didn't spread the wealth. It's M-O-N-E-Y. The bankers have it. That's why they get everything they want. The Greens and the environmentalists don't, so they won't.

Why is this so hard to understand, you dirty fucking hippies? All you have is a vote, which you will fail to exercise strategically because we will scare the living daylights out of voters who don't want Republicans anymore. The only way you're going to get your way is if you take US out. And we know you won't do that.