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Big Food's meat is full of e. coli, so people stopped buying it

Well, the data shows falling meat consumption, at least.

Not cause and effect, I grant. And "the economy" has something to do with it. But still: People do notice things like recalls.

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Yes, "peak meat" and how terrible meat eating is for the environment. It's a shame that the same environmental groups now decrying meat consumption weren't far sighted enough a few decades ago to have not contributed so mightily to the factory farm and grain-fed model that's now so problematic.

It was right to try and protect grazing land, because it was being mismanaged. However, even a shred of common sense should have led people to claim to care about the environment to see serious problems with the proposed solution. But it was so much more economically efficient and feeding livestock corn and soy could be done with fewer acres than grazing. And then if we just never touched those saved acres, they would return to Nature.

It's unfortunate that so many humans conceptualize nature as untouched by humanity, even though the evidence suggests otherwise. Like the great forests of America when colonists found them being managed rather than wild; same goes for the plains to a great degree; and the Amazon particularly. Sad that so many of us still believe the "noble savage" of tiny populations living in a big wild world on what was given to them.

Both sides of the environmental argument fall into the same trap: the stupid idea that man is outside the bounds of Nature and only acts upon it. (Environmentalists do recognize that Nature will bitch-slap us, but note how often they frame the issue as how humans will destroy the planet, which isn't true. We'll just destroy ourselves.)