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Big dreams in a small town

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So today, in a manner of speaking, I went home. Not to the town my high school was in, but to the next town over, the county seat. So much has changed since 1978. Hard to believe; and yet, so much is the same -- water is still your sharpest need, if you farm on the high plains. Or live at the confluence of New Mexico and Texas. I live 75 miles away, now; and I saw my first-ever "Had Enough? Vote Democrat!" sticker on a screaming-yellow H2 Hummer. Company truck, at that.

Never give up. Never surrender. If you can find those bumper stickers halfway between Lubbock and Midland, Texas, in the heart of Bush Country, keep hope alive.

On a brigher note -- the laptop may not be really dead. It may be the battery. Or the internal power supply. Anybody know if that's mounted on the motherboard in a Hewlett-Packard pavilion ze4325us? (Damn extended warranty ran out in June. I should've renewed it, I guess...) I'm too chicken to take the cover off (as if I'd know what I was looking at in there anyway). Or it could just be a loose connection somewhere.

I feel like Charlie Brown, running at that football under the tip of Lucy's finger ....

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