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Big data in the UK is a criminal snakepit servicing the elites

Independent, yikes:

Some of Britain’s most respected [speak for yourself!] industries routinely employ criminals to hack, blag [??] and steal personal information on business rivals and members of the public, according to a secret report leaked to The Independent.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) knew six years ago that law firms, telecoms giants and insurance were hiring private investigators to break the law and further their commercial interests, the report reveals, yet the agency did next to nothing to disrupt the unlawful trade.

It is understood that one of the key hackers mentioned in the confidential Soca report admitted that 80 per cent of his client list was taken up by law firms, wealthy individuals and insurance companies. Only 20 per cent was attributed to the media, which was investigated by the Leveson Inquiry after widespread public revulsion following the phone-hacking scandal.

Ha ha. It all goes by the 80/20 rule, doesn't it?

The reveal is 20% of the problem, and 80% is business as usual.

NOTE Sure makes you wonder about stuff like, oh, Elliott Spitzer. Or MacChrystal. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I mean, if you're foily enough to think our elites would stoop to Brit level.

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that Amerika elites are even more evil than gb.

I mean, if you're foily enough to think our elites would stoop to Brit level.

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David Lindorf
David Lindorf said:
Spitzer Bust Provides a Warning Regarding NSA Spying
…the way he was ensnared, via the secret monitoring of a bank's activity, and via phone taps, should put us all on guard.

With that kind of power, unchecked in the hands of an intensely political administration, it's almost a certainty that it is being used and used inappropriately for political ends.

And Greg Palast said:

It was the night of February 13 when Spitzer made the bone-headed choice to order take-out in his Washington Hotel room. He had just finished signing these words for the Washington Post about predatory loans:

“Not only did the Bush administration do nothing to protect consumers, it embarked on an aggressive and unprecedented campaign to prevent states from protecting their residents from the very problems to which the federal government was turning a blind eye.”

Bush, Spitzer said right in the headline, was the “Predator Lenders’ Partner in Crime.” The President, said Spitzer, was a fugitive from justice. And Spitzer was in Washington to launch a campaign to take on the Bush regime and the biggest financial powers on the planet.

Spitzer wrote, “When history tells the story of the subprime lending crisis and recounts its devastating effects on the lives of so many innocent homeowners the Bush administration will not be judged favorably.”

But now, the Administration can rest assured that this love story – of Bush and his bankers - will not be told by history at all – now that the Sheriff of Wall Street has fallen on his own gun.

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Sure makes you wonder about stuff like, oh, Elliott Spitzer.
What's to wonder? Has anyone ever heard of a prostitution bust where it was the John who was in the headlines?
They took out a nuisance and "sent a message" to potential nuisances at the same time. An economical two-fer.