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Big box stores like badly constructed model railroad "shake the box" structures

I was a model railroader as a kid, and when you have a model railroad, you want something for your trains to run to, and from, and through: So, structures. And companies manufacture plastic building kits, for which there are a few rules beyond gluing the walls together at 90-degree angles:

One rule is that when you glue the two walls together (at a ninety-degree angle) make sure all the detail lines up. So if you've got a cornice on Wall A, make sure it lines up, at the corner, with the cornice on Walll B.

A second rule: When you've built your building and you position it on the layout, make sure there's no unsightly gap between the building and baseboard (or, as we would call it in the real world, the "ground").

So here we have a real world building that violate both rules:

Then again, who said a big box store was a "real world building"?

NOTE Image obviously taken while traveling, and so my posting may be a little light this weekend. Talk amongst yourselves.

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