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Big Ag enters marijuana cultivation?

Oakland, CA approves industrial-scale marijuana farming.

[pounds head on desk]

Doesn't anybody see that -- just like any recreational drug, especially alchohol -- marijuana will never be safe when the corporations take over production? Sure, let's squeeze out the small growers! Sure, let's have corporate marketing campaigns! Sure, let's start throwing in additives! Sure, let's contaminate yet another food chain!

And on and on and on.

[pounds head on desk again]

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Submitted by cenobite on

This isn't J. R. Simplot they're talking about. They're talking about warehouse-sized operations run by entrepreneurs. And remember, it's still illegal at the federal level and the DEA could care less what Oakland's laws are -- all those big operations are just going to look like juicy attractive targets to them. (In fact the DEA has already done this at least once in Oakland.)

Submitted by lambert on

I applaud legalization in general, but I'd be foolish not to look at how that's going to net out. What happened to "organic" in a decade or so -- Whole Foods Nation! -- is the template.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

was i just saying this here? (forgive me, it's been a crazy week with doctors appts for Dad, etc, i'm fried)

it's NEVER a good idea to get Big Anything involved in something like pot production. look how Big Pharma has screwed up so many actually effective remedies, turning them into addictive hyperdrugs or concentrates that defeat the benefit of the natural substance. the coca plant is the obvious example; natives chewed it for energy for generations, before the pushers purified it and made it a commodity.

we're lucky weed is... a weed. anyone can grow it. the answer isn't complicated legislation relating to growing cages and dispensing outlets and registration of sativa DNA on the part of the state. the answer is: decriminalization for "personal use" amounts, decriminalization for home growing, and making poison-soaked pot as illegal as brain killing bathtub gin. i don't want to smoke monsanto bud, yo. anymore than i want to smoke Mexican army oops i mean "gang" grown industrial stank. that shit doesn't even get you high anyway.

it's a plant. let's treat it like one. the govt doesn't really care about my Monardas, even the ones i "illegally" propagate from corporate sources. at least, not yet. let's not encourage them to change that.

Submitted by lambert on

All this:

complicated legislation relating to growing cages and dispensing outlets and registration of sativa DNA on the part of the state

Is rent-seeking behavior by the state, in service of orders of magnitude greater rent-seeking behavior by Monsanto.

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Submitted by bungalowkitchens on

I can tell you it's all about the rents. The permits for a giant pot farm will be $211,000 a year. Our city government is all about revenue enhancement- from extending parking meter hours to requiring permits for things that needn't require them. Besides, we just laid off 80 cops, so we need the DEA to come in and do some policing for us!