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Big props to Gingrich!

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Candace Gingrich, that is, for shaming her brother for fueling and exploiting homophobia.


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Notice tho, how she herself labels it "so 90s"--even tho all these anti-marriage things are ongoing--as all our fights are. She makes it generational too, when it's clear that while younger people are not against us, they also aren't helping when it comes to votes like this and supporting us publicly--nor do they see it as anything they really need to be concerned about -- that seriously harms all, including them. Nor can we wait for old people to die and for those young people to grow older and somehow start caring more.

The way she frames this is way too Obama for me--and minimizes if not totally erases why this is needed, and who needs it most and is most harmed by Newt's actions--families with kids.

(i wish Huckabee had a gay relative tho--he needs to be shamed bigtime too.)