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Biden to join Dodd in hold, filibuster on retroactive immunity for the telcos, but Hillary and Obama waver on the sidelines

Perhaps it's hard for Hillary and Barack to get hold of their expensive Beltway consultants on a Friday afternoon. Or maybe the consultant's scarfing a cocktail wienie, so they can't speak clearly.

Regardless, check out this amazing WaPo chat:

San Francisco: Will you join Sen. Chris Dodd's hold and proposed filibuster on any FISA bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecoms? Thanks for joining us for this chat today, Sen. Biden, and thanks for the leadership you provide the Democratic Party and America.

Sen. Joe Biden: Yes.

Amazing for the brevity, I mean. (Via McJoan Big Orange). Dunno who that was from SF, but I'd like to think it was FDL's Teddy.

And before you say "Oh, Dodd and Biden aren't top-tier candidates":

Where the Fuck are the so-called top tier candidates on this one?

Isn't it shameful that the so-called top tier candidates* aren't out front on this issue?

Hillary? Obama?

Surely defending the Constitution should be an easy call?

Surely defending the Constitution is more important than whether you, personally get elected?

NOTE Once again, we see the strategic value of new forms of communication. Who would have thought that a candidate for President could make a major policy announcement with a one-word answer in a chat?

NOTE * Edwards I give a semi-pass on this one because at least Elizabeth said that with Edwards, all the nonsense of signing statements disappears and the Constitution returns. But for a supposedly net-savvy campaign, they're surely not showing us a lot of love.

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We are getting very dissussed with the people not sticking together in the Democrat party. Thanks for trying maybe you will get more Sentators to do something.

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I sent a message of support to Sen. Biden at the following address on his campaign page:

Perhaps someone can suggest a better address.

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Is to throw a few bucks into his campaign.

He sure could use it.

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No one should ever forget that while Bush was stealing the 2000 election in Florida, both Dodd and Biden were busy abandoning Al Gore and hiding in their cushy, ivory Washington towers along with the rest of the spineless, don't fight back, coward democrats in the Senate. Our country is now suffering terribly and needlessly because Dodd and Biden refused to fight back when it really mattered in 2000.

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One of THE most under-reported stories recently was Rep. David Obey's pronouncement that he will NOT report an Iraq supplemental funding bill out of the POWERFUL House Appropriations Committee, unless Bush agrees to a change of course in Iraq.

ALL FUNDING bills must come out of Appropriations. Obey, as Chair of that Committee, and he HAS the power to bottle up any bill in Committee. Pelosi does not have the power (or the balls) to force him to report out a bill. Obey does NOT need 60 votes, or 40 votes. All he needs is the political will to "stand his ground."

He IS fighting back against Bush, and THAT is what I am looking for in my Democratic leadership.

Obey threw down the gauntlet in front of Bush. Why isn't THAT front page news?


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Surely defending the Constitution is more important than whether you, personally get elected?
The Iron-Clad Law of Institutions:

the people who control institutions care first and foremost about their power within the institution rather than the power of the institution itself. Thus, they would rather the institution "fail" while they remain in power within the institution than for the institution to "succeed" if that requires them to lose power within the institution.

It doesn't take a genius to see that both Mrs. C and Obama are paid-up members of the DLC.

Me? A Quick Study, But A Slow Learner

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Dodd and Biden will cave like all the other spinless democrats.

Reid, the head democrat, claims he will not honor the hold. Figure that one out!

What do you really expect from Clinton, Obama and Edwards after all they want this occupation to continue through 2013, more American deaths which is good for business.

Our only hope is to elect Dennis Kucinich to stop this madness! To end this occupation! To prosecute Bush and Chaney.

Dennis Kucinich has promised to do all of this. Until Dennis Kucinich is elected we will continue to be lied to by not only Bush and Chaney but Hillary, Obama, Edwards and Polesi.

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"Dodd and Biden were spineless cowards in 2000"
Submitted by GoreWon (not verified) on Sun, 2007-10-21 10:22.

Do you feel better now, GoreWon?

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Perhaps this affair may bring a paradigm shift in the race among the Democrats.
The question may change from who's winning the race, to who's leading Democrats in the direction that they want to go.
I hope that Dodd and Biden can bring that about.
I also hope that Al Gore decides that he has a responsibility to run.