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Biden Demonstrates The "Art of Evasion" When Asked About Raising The Medicare Eligibility Age (VP Debate)

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Wow! An object lesson in "evasion."

Here's an excerpt from, and link to the NPR transcript from the Vice Presidential Debate:

MS. RADDATZ: Vice President Biden, let me ask you, if it could help solve the problem, why not very slowly raise the Medicare eligibility age by two years, as Congressman Ryan suggests?

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: Look, I was there when we did that with Social Security, in 1983. I was one of eight people sitting in the room that included Tip O'Neill negotiating with President Reagan. We all got together, and everybody said, as long as everybody's in the deal, everybody's in the deal, and everybody is making some sacrifice, we can find a way. We made the system solvent to 2033.

We will not, though, be part of any voucher plan eliminating — the voucher says, Mom, when you're — when you're 65, go out there, shop for the best insurance you can get; you're out of Medicare. You can buy back in, if you want, with this voucher, which will not keep pace — will not keep pace with health care costs, because if it did keep pace with health care costs, there would be no savings. That's why they go the voucher — they — we will be no part of a voucher program or the privatization of Social Security.

Boy, I know I feel better now. (Snark intended.) :-)

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