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Biden to base: "Stop whining!"

WSAW News:

Biden attended a fundraiser for Rep. Paul Hodes, who is running for the Senate; Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, who is seeking re-election to a third term; and the state Democratic Party. He said Democrats can win both races if they draw clear distinctions between themselves and their Republican opponents, and he urged Democrats to "remind our base constituency to stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives. This president has done an incredible job. He's kept his promises."

Oh. OK.

Was 10% nominal (20% real) unemployment for "an enormous amount of time" one of those promises, Joe? If so, mission accomplished!

Although let me be fair: like many others, I am looking at the alternatives: Greens, Independents, and NOTA. So there's that.

NOTE Hat tip, Coyote Creek.

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Submitted by jawbone on


I guess we're nagging Obama and Biden, or something. For our own good we should learn to STFU and vote for that "D" encirlced by Corporatism.

Obama was reported to be set to tell young voters that they just can't sit out the midterms, can't be involved just every four years -- so Get Out and Vote. Be enthusiastic...because of all the implemented promises.

Uh, to whom did Obama make the promise to implement those mandates on everyone?? Are there promises we don't even know about that me made to people he didn't tell us about? Hhhmmm....

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Still working on such a thing? Not to be pushy or anything . . . ;)

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And sure enough, they made a very public display of arresting single-payer advocates. Is it his fault that the big blogs didn't write about it or embed the video? I think not!

Submitted by Hugh on

In case we are ever likely to forget it, everytime Biden opens his mouth he reminds us of what a bloviating clown he is. He is the posterboy for foot in mouth disease.

Barack "Congenitally glass half empty" Obama
Joe "Stop whining" Biden
Rahm "Fucking retards!" Emanuel
Robert "Professional left" Gibbs

Do you begin to see a pattern? The flat out, unalloyed arrogance?

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Submitted by cellocat on

does help me feel ever more comfortable with having rescinded support for the legacy Dems. I'll smile as I affirmatively vote for the Green Party (or other alternative), rather than viewing that action as an attempt to punish or influence the dems.

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and I'll vote Green for her, just as much as for myself.

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Alice Rivlin, of the Obama/Pete Peterson Cat Food Commission, told an AARP audience that she believes "the stars are aligned" for bi-partisan recommendations to "shore up" SocSec with changes to revenues and payments.

“I do expect that some long-run changes in Social Security, both on the benefit side and on the revenue side, are likely to be part of a package,” she continued, speaking at a forum hosted by AARP, the lobbying group for senior citizens. “This is a convenient moment to do this. The only better time to fix Social Security than this year is last year or the year before.


Rivlin is an important bridge-building figure on the deficit commission. A lifelong Democrat, she is widely respected as an authority on fiscal policy and has insisted that Social Security has serious long-term financial problems. Her positions have often rankled ardent supporters of Social Security, like the labor unions and seniors lobby.


Well, what's the best time to send my change of party registration to the DNC? Now, before the elections?

Or after the Dems and Repubs pass the Cat Food Commission recommendations?

Submitted by Hugh on

Rivlin was named by Jimmy Carter to be the first director of the CBO. Under Clinton she was head of the OMB from 1994-1996. He then nominated her to be vice chair of the Fed where she served from 1996-1999. Like most neoliberals, she is as idiotic as she is ideological, which is to say extremely so. As such, she was a natural for Obama's Cat Food commission. She's just another facilitator of looting. That has been her career, beginning, end, and middle.