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Beyond the wanker of the day

The Man in the Grey Turtleneck has done great work with his "Wanker of the Day" awards--so sorely needed by the Beltway Teabaggers and assorted VRWC wannabes and never-weres, like Joe Klein.

But there are times when a Wanker of the Day award just doesn't seem sufficient. Today is one such time. Broderella concludes a typically verbose and flaccid summary of the Pew report results that show voters trending our way with the following paragraph:

It seems doubtful that Democrats can help themselves a great deal just by tearing down an already discredited Republican administration with more investigations such as the current attack on the Justice Department and White House over the firings of eight U.S. attorneys

Just. Wow. "Already discredited."

Translation: Let the Republicans get away clean.

1. With all the loot (like the $8.6 billion from Iraq)

2. With a trashed Constitution.

3. With privatization run amok.

4. With no rule of law, when the Justice Department--and the judicial branch--are all infested with Partei operatives.

5. With the Overton Window shifted so far towards fascism it feels like Pony Blow's going to break out into "The Future Belongs to Me" at the next presser.

No, no, not "already discredited." Massive repudiation is what's required, massive repudiation in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world, now, in 2008, and for the decade it's going to take to hunt all these dogs down and whip them back to junkyards they came from.

God, can't someone give Broder a blowjob so he dies happy?

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