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Better ask your HR person how badly Obama's health insurance reform is going to screw you

Yes, this is where we are: HR is more trustworthy than the Dems. Via Allegre, this from USA Today:

Unions have criticized* another provision in the Senate bill that would impose a 40% tax on high-priced health plans.

So, unions trade wages for a decent health care plan, and now the Senate taxes that away. Democrats! Friends of the working person!

Better check with your HR person what the impact's going to be. From comments at Allegre:

According to my HR people at work . . . (0.00 / 0)

any PPO-type plan costs enough to be a "Cadillac".
My office says we'll have to switch to HMO with limited benefits (no more dental, eye, cancer rider, etc.) and $1000 deductible per person/$4000 per family + $25/$50/$100 copays (stereotypical crappy basic Humana HMO plan) to get the cost below the "Cadillac" number - - otherwise, we'd have to pay $40 to the government for evey $100 we spend for the really good PPO plus plan with all the bells and whistles we have now (law firms traditionally had really good health insurance benefits).

Oh, great. A cancer rider. Wouldn't you like to meet the parasite who invented thta one? Well, we'll just hope the cancer is the slow-spreading kind. 2014 could seem a long way away....

NOTE I understand that Andy Stern wrote.... A Sternly worded letter about all this. Or perhaps a wordly Stern letter. Whatever. Hat tip, coyotecreek.

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