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Best Turing Test of All Time

As those of you have gotten an account recently know, I make account applicants pass a Turing Test to make sure they're not a bot or a spammer or an SEO Weasel. And this guy passes the test with flying colors!

Please just take the time to review your comments and stop wasting my time.

Of course, if I took this guy's no doubt well-meant advice, I'd be doing nothing all day but clearing out spam from the comment threads, and some spam would inevitably slip by. Fun for me, and even more fun for the community!

That's why I set up the Turing Test in the first place.

Human. All too human.

NOTE People who demand that level of personal service can write me a check for my time.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

don't you know you exist to provide content for free, lb? content which only and always supports the democratic party, when it's not entertaining bored people with nothing better to do than bitch on internet sites? and tolerate people who don't like your work, hate your blog, and think you're stupid? with a smile? and a "thanks for stopping by!" tsk tsk, where are your manners? :-)