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Best Olympic headline EVAH!

"Torch relay's Nazi origins aren't widely known".

"There had been no such torch relays in the ancient Games or, for that matter, in any of the 10 modern Summer Olympics preceding the Berlin Games," wrote renowned author David Clay Large in his outstanding book, "Nazi Games: The Olympics of 1936," which was published in 2007. "The torch relay was one of but many ways in which the Nazi Games helped define the modern Olympic experience as we know it today."

Josef Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl must be looking up from Hell and smiling at the London Olympics and its security arrangements. Especially the branding part. C'mon. Bagels?

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in a documentary on Jesse Owens who was treated by Avery Brundage in a manner similar to a slave. Brundage was THE force behind the U.S. appearing in the 1936 olympics and as head of the AAU acted like a dictator.
When Owens decided to quit being Brundage's puppet in appearing for nothing in various sporting events in Europe and sailed back to the U.S. and his wife, Brundage had his amateur status rescinded.
Brundage was just another part of the corrupt org known as the International Olympic Committee after the AAU was prohibited from sponsoring amateur athletics re the Olympics back in 1978.
And FDR's actions -or lack of such- is/was truly shameful.