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Best Libyan protest signs


Even Voldemort...

The contrast between the content of the sign and the smile on the face of the young woman holding it set me thinking: 1200 is a lot, no? (Leaving aside episodes like the Battle of the Somme or the 1917 flu pandemic.) One reason to smile, besides the funny, is that there's little chance of being massacred by Qadaffi's police in Mcpherson Square, Washington, DC, where the photo was taken. Or up here in Zone 5b, where I type, for sure, so I'm smiling too! But then, this young woman, assuming she's Libyan, really i showing courage, because the Libyan regime is fully capable of threatening Libyans in this country. So perhaps she smiles because she doesn't feel that threat now. It feels good to be free; oppression is depressing! But then there's that number: 1200. Non-violence means that you don't come prepared to kill; but you do come prepared to die. But, working on the argument that you can't fight a police state by stockpiling guns....

UPDATE Via the AJE live blog, Berlusconi throws Qaddafi under the bus:

1:50pm Gaddafi's strongest European ally has weighed in on the situation in Libya too. At a political meeting in Rome, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi said:

It appears that, effectively, Gaddafi no longer controls the situation in Libya.

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