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Best in Class . . . and a Blue Ribbon for Unintended Situational Irony

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Seen at a local fair.
Yay! This is the best 9/11 since 9/11!
Be sure to light the candle to celebrate!
After we've all had a slice, maybe we can give a bullhorn to a Texas rooster so he can climb all over it and sing cock-a-doodle doo!
Cock-a-doodle doo!


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Submitted by twig on

Holy moly, who would even think of such a thing, let alone actually make it and enter it in the county fair? Wow ....

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Submitted by Jay on

I checked--professional cakes only. Though this baker surely must be thinking about going pro, now that she has received official confirmation that she is a winner! A Winner I tells ya! Funny thing, what's more cynical--my scorn, or the fact that she entered that cake in the first place? It's like 9/11 is a universal solvent for any and all arguments. Killing babies in Afghanistan with drones? No problem!
"Well . . . there was September 11 (TM) and everything!"
"What's wrong with you? Have you forgotten? What happened? On September 11(TM) ?"
"I see you're not wearing an American Flag pin. I guess 9/11 (TM) only touched some of us . . . right . . . here. Where your American Flag pin should be."
"Would it be just too much to make a twin towers cake and enter it into the town fair? Nah. They eat that shit up. And I'll be a winner! A winner I tells ya!"

Submitted by lambert on

On the one hand, the cake makes me want to scream.

OTOH, if it were in my small town...

Submitted by lambert on

And the Onion... It's like they've got a news feed from the future....