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Besides being a goon and an asshole, is lady macer Anthony Bologna a complete fuckup?

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less than professional cops. Even if the inevitable lawsuits are resolved in his favor, who wants their name and face pasted around the world as this generation's Bull Connor.

In the day of camera phones and social media, everyone is a camera man, everyone is a reporter, and everyone is a publisher. There is no possibility of hushing such things up.

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But, will "tumultuous" overwhelm raw aggression under color of law?

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the department will conduct its own investigation into use of pepper spray during a protest against Wall Street last week.

Kelly also said the Civilian Complaint Review Board is investigating the incident and will issue recommendations.

The commissioner described the protesters' behavior on Saturday as "tumultuous," explaining that those marching from Union Square Park "were intent on blocking traffic." (My emphasis)

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Anthony Bologna is a not a cop, he's management, hence the white collar.

Deputy Inspector Bologna might even qualify as upper management since he holds his specific rank through appointment and appointment only, as there is no promotional test for his position.

If he loses his appointment because of his actions, he'll be a captain. And yes, he will still get to wear that white shirt.