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Bernie Slanders: Arizona Edition

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in which virulent berniebros blame Hillary Clinton for the gutting of the Voting Rights Act and the concomitant GOP suppression of the minority vote in Arizona.

If you read between the lines of Senator Sanders's statement on the voting debacle that was Maricopa county, you will see that it was an election fraud masterpiece engineered by the evil mastermind Hillary Clinton.

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Submitted by paintedjaguar on

There doesn't seem to be any reason to blame Clinton for the voting problems in AZ. However, it is likely that the net effect was to shift the vote in her favor. And it is a disgrace to have such problems in our electoral system, which is pretty much what Sanders said.

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Hillary Clinton supporters tend to be small business owners, mothers and fathers, and senior citizens. NONE of these groups will tolerate being forced to wait in a long line to vote. Sander's followers, long lines gives them more time to hit on someone standing next to them in line.

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Submitted by chezmadame on

By and large, I agree with you.

However, Sanders's partisans blaming Clinton/Clinton supporters for the disgraceful problems in Arizona is counterproductive to say the least. It leads some to believe that the situation was a function of Hillary being a candidate rather than the result of a recent Supreme Court decision which will have far-ranging implications for voter rights across the country in both national and local elections.

We should all be working together to insure that voters are not disenfranchised by clever, newly "legal" tactics going forward. Attributing what happened on Tuesday to an idiosyncratic masterpiece of fraud promulgated by the evil genius Hillary Clinton might assuage some butthurt berniebots, but it does nothing to address and solve the problem.

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Submitted by metamars on

"And please don't ever again make the mistake of telling me what I believe"

You really can't parse the phrase "I think", is that correct?

"That's mansplaining at its most odious and presumptuous."

Wow, what an impressive put-down! Especially as it's meant to punctuate your parsing error!

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Submitted by sj on

Oh, for crying out loud. Is this the level of "analysis" offered here these days? "Reading between the lines" is essentially just cherry picking to feed your bias. As for your so-call "virulent berniebros" -- well, some of them make as little sense as you do. How about you read the real lines instead of trying to find something in between them.

No wonder I've been seeing lambert at Naked Capitalism lately.