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Bernie Sanders testing the waters in Iowa for 2016

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier:

DAVENPORT | Sen. Bernie Sanders, who will be in Iowa this weekend testing the waters for a potential 2016 presidential bid, said Thursday that American voters are angrier at many of the country’s institutions than many realize — and even though they want real change, most will sit out this year’s midterm elections.

“What we have to appreciate right now is there is a great demoralization politically in this country,” Sanders said in an interview with the Quad-City Times.

Still, the senator has been showing up on the doorstep of the first-in-the-nation caucus state. He was at an event in Clinton County in May. And he also appeared in the state three weeks ago, the same weekend as Sen. Tom Harkin’s final steak fry, which featured Clinton in her first return to the state since her loss in the 2008 caucuses.

I'm not sure I agree with this.

I think Bernie's behind the curve. I think what we're seeing is a remoralization of American politics after 40 years of crap. That's what the Capitol Occupations were all about, that's what Occupy proper was all about, and that's what all the civic engagement around fracking, resource extraction generally, and climate are all about. Bernie should be recognizing tendencies like this, and not using disempowering terms like "demoralization" (which also makes me wonder if he's projecting from what he sees around him in the political class).

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Submitted by lambert on

... though I don't think (to mix metaphors) he's presidential timber.

The left doesn't need Sanders because of his age. The left doesn't need Sanders because he wusses out.

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Submitted by CMike on

if we can't come up with one smooth talking, telegenic messenger to make a serious run for national office. As for Sanders' wuss level, you don't have to tell me, I've listened to enough episodes of "Brunch with Bernie" on the Thom Hartmann Show over the years, where he talks to friendliest audience he's going to find while staying out of the sight of anyone who might be offended, to know how long he kept at making excuses for Obama and how mild the rad in his politics is. And though, apparently, he can do retail in Vermont, a lefty's going to have to be able to turn the occasional galvanizing phrase to sell nationally or even leave a marker behind, that's not Sanders' forte.

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I will suggest, however, that if you're 75, maybe it would be best for all concerned if you were to scratch President of the United States off the list of new jobs you'd be willing to start. I've seen my share of people go from 65 to 75 and, looking back, it seemed like for all of them who would live into their mid-80s that those 10 years took less out of them than the next five would. And they were all retired by the time they were 70.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...both in the U.S. and Europe has been so thoroughly mediocre (am I being kind?).
Even within the U.S Senate, Widen and Udall (our leading liberals???) were total tools and failed their constituencies completely.
How anybody with an operable brain can even consider voting is quite beyond me.
Hopey/changey is not coming from within.
Hard times deserve hard choices; but alas, from whence they come?

Submitted by lambert on

There was a time when I called out "the incompetence meme," arguing that the legacy parties (among others) were doing what they believed in, and that it was pure deflection and distraction to out their failures down to incompetence.

But now I believe they are incompetent too.

A man goes to a psychiatrist. The doctor says, "You're crazy" The man says, "I want a second opinion!" "Okay, you're ugly too!"

I think this could mean we are closer to a "Potemkin moment" than we think.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...analogy of the past 6 years. The actual moment was 6 years ago. Everything since then has been a lie. Everything. Denial is strong in America and grasping at anything for hope is understandable.
Bernie Sanders is well past his expire date. And it has nothing to do with his age.
He's just too late. It's just that simple. And there is nobody else with a chance.
Warren backed Israel on Gaza; off with her head!
Clinton? She'd make the "Iron Lady" Thacker look like a lead toy soldier.

The major problem is, we're fucked! But nobody really believes that. People just do not understand their actual position today. This is so fundamental and nowhere in view.
Under those circumstances how can there be change? Change, not smoke and mirrors, not slight of tongue, or pen.
In fact, Lambert, Potemkin moment is perfect, bloody perfect.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

Bernie should be recognizing tendencies like this, and not using disempowering terms like "demoralization" (which also makes me wonder if he's projecting from what he sees around him in the political class).

I think that you are on to something. But I also think that the public at large is demoralized. Some are mobilizing, most are still demoralized. But lambert, I think that you have hit upon the larger truth.

My theory about Bernie Sanders is that he is Boris Yeltsin without the alchohol. He may get elected President because he is the only revolutionary to hold high office.

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Submitted by tarheel-leftist85 on

Are just the electric fence or outermost layer of the Democratic veal pin as the Pauls seems to be for the Repubs. Their central function, whatever is in their hearts**, and by virtue of their consent to legacy party "competition," is to keep people pinned inside their respective legacy party.

* Sanders, supposedly an independent, caucuses with Dems, which, at a minimum, is implicit consent.
** What's in a lawmaker's heart, or their willingness to Fight For (TM) or Stand With (TM) [amorphous idea/platitude dressed as policy], has no bearing on actual policy.

PS: Bernie carried water for his bro Obie for 6 years, and now he wants to run against the woman - not to pull the dems carte blanche / identity "politics"...

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

Yes, a voice of reason. When will "they" understand there are no "choices" for the Dem's, or anybody, really.
More of the same; must feed the war machine, because that is our economy today!
Nothing must change...nothing...