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Bernie Sanders is running for President

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Rachel Maddow: Sen. Bernie SANDERS Has 175,000 VOLUNTEERS!

I keep hearing people say that Bernie Sanders knows that he can't win. I don't see any evidence that he knows any such thing. I see evidence that Sanders shares my view that we are in a late stage pre-revolutionary environment and that the usual rules of politics do not apply. Check out his campaign web site - A political revolution is coming, that is not campaign branding, that is Sander's point of view.

I understand that some people will not be happy with Sanders record and will not support him for that reason. Fine. I can certainly understand that. But to say that his campaign is kabuki, that he does not intend to win, is the kind of naive cynicism that is not realistic. How can anyone say it is kabuki? How can anyone pretend to read Sanders mind? This is just know-it-all talk by people who know nothing,.

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Oh noez! If this keeps up they won't be able to call the Clinton's or Obama communists anymore.

I think that there is going to be an awful lot of confusion on the right the next couple of years.

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I think the frame that "Clinton needs an opponent" is what the political class wants, if for no other reason than circulation and something to write about. (It also isn't totally cynical to want Clinton to be tested.)

So that opens the door for Bernie, and he walked through it, but that doesn't mean he walked through it for the same reason the political class wanted somebody to do that.

Ed Walker had two good comments one here:

It takes years to change the conventional thinking of a large number of people, and it requires sacrificial goats. That’s Bernie. Certainly worth a donation for that goal.

And one here:

There is no progressive leader. There are progressives, but not one willing to step in front of the parade. Bernie is that guy. It makes it easier for the next person to step up. Zephyr Teachout, Tim Wu?

I think it comes down to walk and chew gum. I can cheer Bernie on if (as) he pulls the Overton Window left. And I can vote Green in the general (or spoil my ballot, or whatever).