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Bernie Sanders in Iowa

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2016 watch: Bernie Sanders returns to Iowa in February

Sanders, a Vermont independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats and identifies himself a Democratic Socialist, will hold six events over three days in and around Iowa City, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Ames.

He has visited Iowa repeatedly in recent months, most recently on Dec. 16 when he held a town meeting in Ames and was the keynote speaker at a Progress Iowa event. In all, Sanders spent eight days in Iowa and held 13 separate events in 2014.

Anybody from Iowa? Anybody thinking of going to any of these events? If so, please let us know what happened.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

I don't like BS because this is nothing more than take votes away from 3rd parties. The Greens. I see BS & EW doing this for the demodogs.

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Submitted by McDee on

That's it Joe. Sanders and Warren are filling the role that Kucinich used to fill. "Look, progressives! There is hope in the Democrats". Got to keep "Progressives" from wandering off to the Greens or Socialists.

Submitted by lambert on

... onto the Budget Committee as Chief Economist.

I'm a smidge more hopeful on Sanders than on Kucinich. But it could well be I'm not cynical enough.

Basically, I'm for anything that splits the pillars of the regime. Would Sanders help with that? Possibly so.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

The only third party I see going anywhere here is the Constitution Party....It is just nice to see someone speaking out whatever their underlying motivations might be. The more the merrier IMHO. Europe looks scary right now, and I could easily see the same thing happening here mighty quickly.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

who find the TP too bland and ineffectual; "Patriot" types.

I'll take anyone who is willing to speak to my values, regardless of their underlying motives. If Bernie and Warren are simply seeking to corral people such as myself into the veal pen, it is up to us not to enter into the arrangement willingly. For example, I may vote for Bernie in the Primaries, but if he doesn't go the distance I can still vote for the greens, or Nader, or Mickey Mouse for that matter. Clinton is "off the table" insofar as I am concerned and my vote will reflect that. The "illusion of inclusion", so successful in the '08 Primaries, will not fly this time.

In order to attract us they must get our views out, and that is something that is not to be disparaged these days.

Submitted by lambert on

... with one of the guys with beards in the woods. I argued it was something that a "small state" should do. And if you look at the 12 points, there are points that will radically shrink the state, especially #10 End the Wars (including the so-called War on Drugs, which will also shrink the carceral state) and #9 Enforce the Bill of Rights, which will shrink all that surveillance crap.

So I don't rule out "strange bedfellows" alliances on this stuff.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

there are things that one can come to an accommodation with them on. Unfortunately, we have enough crazies out there already. I would prefer not to acknowledge them if at all possible.

I think that shunning is a highly underrated activity these days.

Submitted by lambert on

There's a very strong "back to the land" aspect to the guys with beards up here, because land is so cheap in Maine, and Maine is also ground zero for organic agriculture.

So there's a natural broad coalition around water, soil, and food issues, which also translates into local sovereignty proposals (some of which are good....)