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Bernie has his work cut our for him

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Forget the misleading headline, Hillary maintains commanding leads in all the polls of early states. Clearly Bernie has won the Anybody-but-Hillary vote, but we were always in the minority. Sanders needs to extend his support to Democrats who have not made up their minds and Hillary's softer supporters. That will not be easy now that she is on the campaign trail.

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She has been her own worst enemy wrt the trade deals; she comes off as a waffler, devious, disingenuous. She has baggage, and that sort of campaigning tends to backfire. Bernie has been pretty good about not attacking her, yet pointing out the differences between them in such a way that she cannot fire back without looking like a hypocrite.

She may end up being his best campaign asset.

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Bernie's hitting the "pain points" not only in the voters but for the Democratic activists. He picked right up on The Intercepts "tiger" post (and I've got to say it's nice to see Jonathan Schwarz in there doing throwing a punch).

He has his work cut for him, yes, but so far he's been up to the task. And he rode out his first oppo episode quite nicely.