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Bernie and the press

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Enjoy the cute curmudgeonly socialist from Vermont who can't possibly win phase while it lasts. Directly Bernie gets within 10 points of Hillary there will be a dramatic change. Remember the attacks on Howard Dean? It will be all that and more. We will learn every negative thing about Bernie and his family, true and otherwise, relevant and otherwise. I hope that Bernie's team have a plan for that.

When Bernie talks about breaking up the banks and raising the taxes for billionaires, he is not just sloganeering, he means it. And the kleptocracy knows it. So the attacks on Bernie, when they come, will be ferocious. So I hope his team has a plan for that.

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... I'd be researching whatever the Vermont Greens have (throwing out the Israel and F-35 stuff that, sadly, wouldn't even be seen as oppo. So we'll see how that plays out.

I've heard it said that "Nobody hates Bernie." Of course, strategic hate management can change that. But like so many other things this year, perhaps that will change.